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About The Smarter Car Finance Company

The Smarter Car Finance Company is all about giving you the best deals and help you to research, apply and secure finance services, personal loans or business loans, finance and insurance for your new car or used car or other vehicles anywhere in Australia.

Company Details

  • Address:
    6/10 Osborne Road, Manly, 2095
    Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Smarter Car Finance Company has a long list of finance companies available to compare different financial options and find the very best car finance deal for your needs!

Meet Rowan Webb

CEO of The Finance Smarter Company

Rowan Webb is a young business manager who has been working in the motor and finance industry. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to Sydney, Australia in 2006 to work with a company in their sales division. Through his hard work and determination, he climbed the corporate ladder to lead the financing and insurance operations for some of the more well-known car brands under the company’s management.

Rowan’s aim is to create long term business relationships with other finance managers across Australia with particular focus on financial institutions and insurance brokers in order to bring affordable and comprehensive financial services to customers in the passenger and commercial sectors.

Whether you need our experts to help you determine what you need or you are ready to purchase and need car finance or insurance products, you can count on us to give you honest and thorough advice and offer you the best car finance deals. Our consultants are at the ready to speak with you on what you require, and help you with the paperwork and applications to ensure that everything for your vehicle or equipment is in place.

In particular, The Smarter Finance Company will be able to provide competitive quotes on motor insurance and other automotive services such as used and new car financing. We will be able to provide you with comparisons and detailed charts of the current car finance rates and help you with car mortgaging, loans and hire purchase contracts on vehicles and equipment for both personal and company use.

We can also provide comparative quotes for comprehensive car insurance to ensure and safeguard the value of your vehicle from accidents and unexpected events, as well as an array of mortgage and loan options to help you afford a new home, vehicle or other items that you have been eyeing.

On the business front, we can assist you with commercial purchase-hire agreements and novated leases for company vehicles that your employees would like to co-own. With our help, we hope to make the process of upgrading or purchasing new equipment that much simpler for you. You can easily maintain that high level of quality your company provides to its customers and at an affordable rate too!

When it comes to finding the most cost-effective solution for your family’s insurance protection or your company in terms of equipment rental and loan, you can count on The Smarter Finance Company to provide you a good comparison across the board because we have a broad range of lenders across Australia, we are able to find you a rate that meets your budget and requirements!


A car is a necessity for many purposes required by both individuals and companies alike. When I had no ready finances, it was still near zero impossibility for me to obtain the resources to purchase a car with the help of the Finance Smarter Company.

They provide both company financing and individual finance plans for all target groups so I can first request for car finance quotes online before any progress for follow up from them until the final phase.

Tyson Sidney
Purchasing the perfect car not only requires just a focused lookout for the physical outlook of the vehicle, but obtaining a good deal from a credible financing company like The Finance Smarter Company is also necessary. They helped to ensure I only get the best car financing rates in the market for me to incur savings throughout my entire loan term and free me from any financial burden.

I always do some research before signing any agreement but with them, there were absolutely no worries.

Ali Kenyon
I was looking around for the best new car financing deals but it took some time before I finally settled down with this company. Their rates looked promising and their finance advisors were really helpful in clarifying any doubts that I had.

I did not know prior to this that car finance processes could be such a smooth sail and there were certainly no gimmicks when it comes to good offers from the Finance Smarter Company.

Rose Darling
The Finance Smarter Company offers various financing deals and as for me it was their used car financing deals that caught my eye. I was sieving through the market with the line of hefty ads but my attention was directed at this company. Their rates are competitive and I know I would be paying for a value for money financial agreement.

I eventually agreed on one of their used car financing deals that helped me incur savings throughout the whole term.

Bailey Moowattin

Why Choose Us?

Pre Approvals

Most likely you fall in the largest group, people with all the documents ready

Pre Approvals

If you know what you need in terms of financing, then all The Smarter Finance Company requires to help you start-processing approvals is your documentation identification and credit history notes! If you have these at the ready, we can get you quotations and comparisons that much faster! If you need fast financing, then give us a call to find out what documents we need and get your loans approved in double time!

Repayments to Suit Budget

No matter what your income is, we know all the finance options to find the one you can afford.

Repayments to Suit Budget

If you are worried about servicing your repayments, we do not want you to let that put you off looking at what financial tools there are on the market to provide you with financing. The Smarter Finance Company has worked with countless people from all walks of life and we are proud to tell you that there is a plan that suits every person in their own special way. Let us help you to plan a financing scheme based on your requirements today.

Residual Refinancing

Also known as a balloon payment, you keep your monthly payments low.

Residual Refinancing

The Smarter Finance Company can help you to plan exactly how your repayment scheme will work. With Residual Refinancing, you can manage the monthly repayment amount by balancing it with the amount due at the end of the loan period. By adjusting the two amounts, we can make any loan plan fit virtually any customer! Speak with us to find out how we can match our financing plans to your budget.

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