A guaranteed asset protection is especially to settle any unpaid balances of an automobile loan should a total loss of your vehicle needs to be declared after a severe accident. This refers to the additional costs incurred which basic automobile insurance policies do not cover. A hefty sum of money of up to $10,000 which can be used for emergency necessities such as for settling your outstanding loan installments as well as your stamp duty, rego and CTP, or even a replacement car if needed. A huge amount to cover all that could be tough to fork out immediately, so our guaranteed asset protection policy would be able to assist you greatly with the required finances.

A guaranteed asset protection gives you the additional assurance you need about not having to worry about any loan installments should tough times were to hit. Whether or not the accident derived from your own recklessness, having a guaranteed asset protection would simply mean to have that assurance when handling any excess costs incurred. Basic policies only provide basic coverage while a guaranteed asset protection is sufficient even for any balance incurred charges.
Other unforeseen circumstances include theft or a vehicle write-off which will leave you stranded with an excess amount of loan even when the vehicle is already not in your possession. Basic insurance policies do not cover such conditions and you will be required to settle the outstanding loan amount out of your own pocket.

Our insurance policy will cover the shortfall amount so you will not have to pay up any additional amount of money which would often be a hefty amount just to settle the outstanding balance. This can be done by several available methods such as by reducing or fully removing the shortfall amount between the insurance payout and the outstanding loan balance. We know that every individual falls into a different category, so we will handle every case with extreme care and consideration to know exactly your financial situation at very point of time.

Our guaranteed asset protection also provides an additional protection of your credit rating so as not to affect your liabilities standing for easy access to loans in the future. This is the form of assurance we give to you in order for your future transactions to be secured and not declined due to the unforeseen circumstance that you did not even expect to befall upon you.

The guaranteed asset protection premium covers you for a complete term and it can be financed too, so as to provide an easy loan repayment scheme throughout the loan period. This is important to us as it is to you in order to allow you to have stability in managing your finances as we are here to ease your liabilities instead of prolonging your burden. Our aim is simple – to stick around in times of dire needs especially during unforeseen circumstances such as a total loss of your vehicle due to accident, theft, or any other unexpected situations that you might unfortunately fall into.
Call us today and our finance officers are all ears to listen to whatever financial situations that you might be in right now to allow us help you secure a guaranteed asset protection plan for you to have that very assurance you need as you drive today.

Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) is necessary to ensure that you are free from liabilities should any unexpected situation were to happen to you such as a total loss of vehicle due to accident, theft, or even a write-off declaration which may cause you to be stuck in a hefty debt to cover any unpaid loan.