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Smarter Car Finance Adelaide

Finance your New or Used Car with The Smarter Finance Company

Car finance in Adelaide can be confusing – car loans and other financial services are many and can be tough to make sense of, but financing a car really shouldn’t be that difficult, that’s why you should look to finance your car with for the best car finance deals!

We’ll help you sort through the difficult jargon and help you to understand your options. Give us the chance to help you find what you’re looking for in Adelaide. Financing a Car in Adelaide can be made so simple with professional help from a trusted finance company – that’s US, The Smarter Finance Company!

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When I contacted The Smarter Finance Company in Adelaide for car financing quotes for my new BMW, I was very happy with my experience. Rowan was very detailed and reassuring despite my multitude of questions and hesitations. He walked me through the different options and made sure that I understood what was going on. I didn’t feel pressured into signing anything with them at all – which made me even more confident that I had chosen the right company to help me work out my finances! This is the way that all service companies really should be carrying themselves! Good Job!
Harry, Adelaide
I needed a bit of help with my car financing repayments and I was really quite confused with how to go about getting the figures worked out. I’m really glad that I called The Smarter Finance Company to help me out with all the planning so that I don’t run myself ragged on my current scheme making my monthly payments. They helped me to look at interest rates and check out other options and in the end I refinanced my Honda with them at a much lower installment plan! Thanks Smarter Finance!
Will Ogg, Adelaide
I don’t normally bother with reviewing a company but after my experience with The Smarter Finance Company, I really felt that I need to commend them. I always am sceptical walking into a bank or financier’s office because they are all somehow out to make a buck, but I truly did not feel this way when I started speaking to Rowan in his office. He was kind and understanding of my situation and took the time to address my concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to any of my friends looking for new or used cars!
Joel Hake, Adelaide

Smarter Car Finance Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia, located (obviously) to the South of the continent.

Known as the soul of Australia, there are numerous festivals and sporting events that happen through the year here as well as arts and cultural activities.

Geographically, Adelaide is located on the east coast of the Gulf St Vincent near the eastern border of the South Australia state line above the Fleurieu Peninsula. In the vicinity are the Mount Lofty Ranges. Kangaroo Island Lake Alexandrina as well as the Murray River. The Flinders Ranges and South Australian Loop are popular destinations for tourists to explore here too.

The Adelaide Central Market as well as Clare Valley and Barossa Valley are well known for its culinary and wine offerings and there are a number of other locations for example through the Peel-Leigh Street precinct where there are quaint laneway bars that you can sit at and enjoy a glass of wine.

Culturally, there are plenty of festivals around the year such as the Adelaide Festival of Arts and Fringe Festival, the German Schützenfest and the Greek Glendi, which are major attractions sprinkled through the year.

At the same time, there are countless historic and elegant locations to visit such as the North Terrace, where the most important cultural institutions sit – the State Parliament, Adelaide Casino and the Convention Centre, as well as the Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum and The University of Adelaide can be found here.

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