Maintaining your car’s value can be tricky since there are a lot of factors that affect how much it can be worth when you try to sell it. We highlight for you some things that you can do to make sure that your car retains its value as best as possible so that you have it easier when you’re ready to trade or upgrade your ride!

Choosing the Right Car
You might not be thinking about selling your car just as you are preparing to buy it, but the truth is, that it is an eventuality that you will end up with another vehicle sometime down the road. Whether because you upgrade, look for a bigger model to accommodate family changes, total a car during an accident, or simply just want a change in scenery, the car will eventually find its way back on the market (or the scrap yard) in due time! That means that you need to be forward thinking about what car that you choose. The Resale value of the car is important to consider – for example a sporty coupe while a definite statement about your personality, has a much more limited audience than a sedan or a hatchback. You may want to check out the figures and see what car retains its value best in your area.

Looking at your Options
There are so many options available when you are buying your car, but we’re sure that you’re not thinking about anybody else benefiting from all these extra features that you’re picking out, at least not for a long while! Sometimes picking out options and features can affect the resellability and the value of your car too. For example, outstanding colours like red, blue, and the more funky tones might be what you want for yourself, but the truth is that neutral colours are more likely to find a willing buyer in the future. The extra spoiler and bigger rims might look better on the car that you’ve picked out, but there’s no guarantee that the next owner will think so too, so perhaps you could consider a standard issue of a model that’s one tier up instead.

Taking Care of your Car
The best way to retain the value of your car, starts when you drive it home. Be safe on the road and follow road rules so that you can avoid accidents and unnecessary damage to the car. Wash, wax, clean and vacuum it when you can. Don’t eat or smoke in the car. And you might consider trying your best not to take the car every once in a while! Save the environment and keep your mileage down! The more your car looks on paper and in person like it came right from the Showroom, the higher you’ll be offered for the vehicle!

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