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The Smarter Finance Company knows all about buying a car. From what you need to do when it comes to researching what the best make, model, shape, size, capacity, engine power, or even the hottest colours in the market! Let us give you some invaluable tips when you start your search so that your search for that perfect ride is made that much simpler.

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Competitive Hire Purchase Interest Rates available at Finance Smarter

Finance Smarter lets you use professional hire purchase calculators to help you assess your loan amount and monthly installments to help you prepare.

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How to get Competitive Hire Purchase Interest Rates

At Finance Smarter, you get to utilize specialized hire purchase calculators to assist you in estimating the loan amount and monthly repayments to better prepare you.

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The Finance Smarter Company offers the best Chattel Mortgage Rates

The Finance Smarter Company has one of the most competitive set of chattel mortgage interest rates in town for businesses to utilize company vehicles.

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Car Financing for Newbies – Flexible Rates

To get a balanced idea of how interest rates work on your car loan, find out more about Flexible Rates here...

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Car Financing for Newbies – Consumer Loans

So when you need a basic car financing plan, the consumer loan is precisely what the doctor ordered!

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Questions to Ask when you’re Ready to Buy a Car

If you’re thinking of whether to use cash or apply for a loan for your new ride, read this first!

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Buying a Car that Retains its Value

Did you know: A car’s value drops like a stone once you drive out of the showroom!

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Things to do before you Sign for you New Car

Here’s a list of last minute checks you should do before you finalise the purchase of your new car!

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Questions to Help you Decide on a Car

So many options, just how do I decide what is the right fit for me?

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Getting A Good Deal for your New Car

We all want a good price - and here’s how to get it!

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