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Finance Your Car the Smarter Way!

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The Smarter Finance Company is the only loan company that you will need when it comes to finance services in the automobile and vehicle industries. You can rely on our expert judgment and sound advice when it comes to getting the financing you need!

Let us provide you with the best rate comparisons and options available today!

I don’t know much about car finance and I’m pretty sure that I was looking at my applications all wrong because the quotes I was receiving from banks just wasn’t quite the numbers that I wanted to see.

After working with The Smarter Finance Company, I’m glad to see that although I’m not eligible for guaranteed finance, I still stand a pretty good change for good finance rates now! All thanks to Rowan for sorting me out!

Audrey McKivat, Sydney
I looked through all the comparison sites online and was still confused about car financing after that and that’s when my cousin told me about the Smarter Finance Company car finance service. I found them very friendly and patient in dealing with my many questions. They helped me get a good car financing rate at the end of the day that I’m very pleased with.

I would recommend them to others looking for some help with their car loans.

Marcus Ampt, Brisbane
Based on my experience with Rowan and his team last month, I’m sure that the team is very experienced and well-versed with the different car financing plans. I was able to look at good car finance deals that could tie up with my business which help save me some tax dollars.

They did not hard sell, but were patient and understanding and I know that I made the right decision hiring them to help with my car financing needs.

Alice Deering, Adelaide
I haven’t found a car financing professional who is this passionate about cars as Rowan is. I believe he has a great amount of experience in the industry and it was great chatting with him about the different cars and to compare cars with someone who knows his stuff is amazing!

That and the good car finance deals that his company can offer you, I don’t think I’ll go to anyone else for help with car finance issues!

Rory Gormanston, Gold Coast

Finance Smarter


Smarter Car Finance Services

So you’ve picked out your dream car and you’re ready to make a commitment to a fine performance vehicle. But is paying for the car as easy as picking it out?

With The Smarter Finance, we can make sure that getting financing for your new car can be as easy as you hoped!

At prices that are much lower, if you play your cards right, you can acquire a decent vehicle that will serve you well for many years to come at a decent price.

And if you need to look at financing options to seal the deal, The Smarter Car Finance Company is here to help you do just that!

You can find the cheapest and most competitive rates for car financing with us!

The Smarter Finance Company has built up a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable car finance company in Australia and you can count on our ability to give you the best car finance deals anywhere around!

With our contacts all over the country, The Smarter Finance Company has an impressive partnership with the banks and financial institutions that provide the most popular car financing plans that gives us car finance rates at our fingertips!

Let us help you compare car finance schemes and get you the best deal around!

When there are a number of options to look at, it can be hard to see which car loan or finance plan might be the best for you.

Why Choose Us?

Fixed or Flexible Rates

You have plenty of options to plan your finances, as well for the long as the short term.

Fixed or Flexible Rates

When it comes to your financing plan for your vehicle, it is important to look at your options so that it matches what you need in terms of budget and effect on your future planning. The Smarter Finance Company is all about making sure that the options are simplified and easy to understand so that you can work out what is the best for yourself. We will walk you through how fixed and flexible rates work and help you to fix a good period for repayment.

Instant Response

We have a team of well-trained finance and insurance experts waiting for your call.

Instant Response

You are so close to driving your car home and we are just as excited as you to start using your new car! That is why The Smarter Finance Company will use its expertise to ensure that you have a quote and a reply about any inquiry about your financing plans in the shortest time possible so that you can take the time to look at the options and make an informed decision!

Low Document Loans

Self employed? Irregular income? No, problem! We can get you a low doc loan.

Low Document Loans

Everybody deserves access to financing plans and no matter your situation, we have a well-versed in helping you get the help that you need to fund your new car. By fulfilling some basic requirements on identification and verification of your income, we are able to help you set the wheels in motion for some competitive quotes from lenders all over the country! Just let us know what you need, and we will do our best to ensure that you have options to choose from!

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