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Are you looking for some competitive car finance quotes? Here’s where you’ll get them!

If you’ve just started the hunt for the car of your dreams, you’ll need to start looking at car finance quotes. When you need that extra bit of help to afford that vehicle, the right car financing plan is important so that you don’t find yourself paying through your nose or short-changing yourself from some premium options or features.

Car financing can be quite complicated – there are a lot of different types and each different type may have a different application procedure and possibly documentation requirements may vary from each financier to another. Getting to that car finance quote may be quite a gauntlet in itself if you don’t know what to do!

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I’d definitely refer friends to your car finance services in the future after how you helped me secure an amazing used car finance rate for my Nissan. I don’t think I have the best credit and I was having a tough time getting a quote that looked reasonable and affordable. I think my money is well spent with you guys, now that I have a loan I can afford and a car to boot!

Mason Fargher


The Smarter Finance Company provides dedicated car finance service and they have a really quick turnaround for quotes and applications. Excellent communication with me on what I am looking for and I believe they have a good understanding of their clients’ needs. I would definitely suggest this company for their ability to provide good car financing rates and guaranteed car finance to people who are unsure of their ability to apply for such plans based on their credit rating.

Cody Moloney


I found a large number of options for car financing with The Smarter Finance Company and was surprised at just how many choices I actually had when a good car financing rate is in your pocket. Many thanks to Rowan and the team for helping me work out my credit and sending out all the applications so I could get the best quote in! I’ll surely tell my friends about how you helped me out!

Indiana Allan


Rowan’s team at The Smarter Finance Company is most certainly knowledgeable and very passionate about the business. I felt very well taken-care of when I sought their advice on car financing rates. I’m very certain that they did their best to compare car finance deals for me and pull out the best and most suitable quotes for me to choose from. I’m definitely happy with the services rendered and would recommend them to others in a heartbeat.

Natalie Aronson
But you don’t have to worry with that if you have us helping you through the process! Besides talking to professional car finance companies like us for advice on what car finance tools to use, The Smarter Finance Company also helps customers request for quotes for car loans all across the financial market in Australia – we can definitely help you get more responses and better rates than if you were to send out applications for car finance quotes online or on your own.

Not only can we get you a wide range of car finance quotes, we can also get you better rates due to our connections. Allow us to speak to our partners and ensure that you get the quote for car loans faster, smoother and with less fuss than you’ve ever experienced with anyone else! Given that we are in contact with reputable car finance companies, car insurance companies and other financial institutions Down Under, more than enough to get you a wide range of car finance quotes to look at and compare!

All you need to do is get in contact with us – we’ll have an in-depth discussion on your needs and requirements so that we can get you all the quotes for car loans that match you the best. And that’s just the first step! Once you have a list of car finance quotes, you may want to start looking at the application process and the procedures that will get you the funding that you need and we can help you out with that too!

But in the meantime, here are some of the services that we offer for car finance quotes:-

Hire Purchase
Whether you are looking for a competitive hire purchase quote for your business or for yourself so that you can manage the demands of daily life, The Smarter Finance Company can help you work out the right combination of figures so that you get the best rates for you hire purchase scheme.

Chattel Mortgage
Using your car as a security, you can get extremely attractive chattel mortgage quotes! The chattel mortgage is a great way for you to drive your car home today and take your time to pay off the loan while retaining the option to own the car once all payments are made.

Novated Lease
If you are looking to pair up your car financing with your income and employee benefits, then a novated lease would most definitely fit your requirements. The Smarter Finance Company can help to facilitate setting up a novated lease with your company and also liaise with the financier to ensure you that you get a competitive and attractive novated lease quote!

Loan Protection
Besides car financing, we also offer you car insurance quotes. For example our Loan Protection Quotes will give you access to the lowest rates to ensure you will be able to take care of the car loan repayments should anything happen to you, whether disability, unemployment or even death. Let The Smarter Finance Company give you the peace of mind with more than your car loan but with your insurance too!

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