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When it comes to financing and insuring your new car, truck or boat there are so many things for you to consider that it may seem like you’re getting lost in a maze. You deserve to have a qualified professional walking you through the processes to get the best deal for your needs!

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These Smarter Finance guys are a total lifesaver with their new car finance services. I’d just like to thank you for helping me work out car financing rates so that I could pick out a decent plan and purchase my car. The team is exceptionally knowledgeable about the different options and I think I’ve walked away knowing a lot more about car financing in addition to getting to drive my car home too!

Eliza Mailey


A quick shout out for Smart Finance – just lik to thank you all for being more than a car financing company for me. Your advice on what new car to get and how to figure out all the different types of plans are really more helpful than you can believe. Especially with your used car finance rates, I’m really very pleased with the way your team has helped me so far and I’d definitely recommend friends to use your services.

Chelsea Sixsmith


I’m a rather busy person and I really appreciate the quick and fast turnaround that The Smarter Finance Company provides professionals like me. I found Rowan to be easy to trust and very friendly – he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Their sales and application process for car financing is also painless – smooth and easy to understand and I’m sure other executives would appreciate this kind of no fuss new car financing service as well. I highly recommend them.

Sara Newson


If you need help with your new car financing applications, then I would suggest you look for The Smarter Finance Company. I just recently got an amazing finance car deal with them when I went down to their office to compare car finance rates. I’m actually more impressed by the way they are able to explain the different types of car loans to a finance idiot like me though. I can’t recommend them any higher!

Owen Walker
If you’re looking for help with new car finance or new car loans, then look no further!

When it comes to financing a new car, it’s good to explore all your options so that you can get the best fit with the right new car loan for you! It’s important to make sure that your new car is looked after right from the get go with a proper financing plan and insurance put in place.

So it pays to get a bit of help to process your application.

Getting new car finance is really different for each person because of what they need, but with our experience in the industry, we can easily find the right solution for you based on your budget and requirements; we can help get your new car covered and help you apply for financing a new car quickly, efficiently and with as little fuss as possible! Getting your new car loan can be so easy when you work with us to get it done!

Don’t worry about financing your new car loan! If you’re looking for help, you’ve come to the right place with The Smarter Finance Company!

Why Choose Us?

Low Interest Rates

As a finance broker, we not just compare different lenders; we contact them to negotiate the very best finance deal for you.

Low Interest Rates

When it comes to financing rates for your new car, there are a number of different things that need to be considered such as the type of interest rate that your loan will be based on variable or fixed rates can determine how your loan repayments can change while you are paying them off, fees and charges from the different lenders, secured or unsecured loans… We will help you understand and select the options that best suit your situation!

Compare & Save

By comparing all the different lenders, and especially the options, we can find the cheapest new car finance deal for you.

Compare & Save

The Smarter Finance Company wants to reach out to you and help you to sort out a good deal for the new car as well as ensuring it is within your budget for now and all throughout the loan repayment periods. Our team will help you look at your financial plans and compare financing rates so that you can ensure that you’re not overpaying for the new car that you’ve selected and you’re not overspending on one either!

Same Day Approvals

Our online system is backed by a team to help you through the process and get your approval today.

Same Day Approvals

As soon as you submit a quote we will contact you to help, you go through the process. First, we need the basic information so we can give you the best quotes we can offer, and when you make your choice, we help you to apply by filling in the form together with you. This way you can be sure to get everything right from the first time and get your new car finance and/or insurance approved the same working day.

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