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You can get the financing that you need for your car at the best rates possible if you leverage on our connections across Australia! Get the best car finance rates when you consider financing your car with The Smarter Finance Company. We’ve got the connection to get you a great deal!

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Car Finance Deals

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Trying to find a good car finance deal is supposedly a lot easier these days in the internet age, but I find myself getting more and more confused by all the different options online. Thank goodness for Rowan and The Smarter Finance Company who helped me work out new car warranty comparisons and car financing rates so I could figure out just what kind of car I could afford after my clunker got scrapped! Cheers guys!

Taj Merlin, Sydney


Thank you Rowan and The Smarter Finance Company for helping me apply for car financing rates and helping me with the purchase of my Touareg. I’m very pleased with your service – your consultants made sure that I knew what I was getting into and presented me with options that were specially catered for my situation. I also appreciate the tips that were shared – it’s not often you get sales staff that go the extra mile for you!

Nate Butters, Sydney


Hi Smarter Finance! I’d just like to shout out to Rowan and his team for helping me out with used car finance rates and helping me to own my dream car! Never thought I’d be able to afford it and I’m just so terrible with numbers! You guys really know how to make it easy to understand what I’m signing up for and I’d definitely recommend your guaranteed financing scheme to all my friends!

Alice Whyte, Melbourne


I’d like to thank The Smarter Finance Company for helping me out with navigating the ton of paperwork a few months ago when I was getting ready to get car finance for my used car. It has been quite confusing for me because I don’t know much about how to go about applying for car financing much less figuring out what rate and terms are the best for me. Really appreciate your help so far!

Tyson Keble, Perth

Car Finance Rates

The Smarter Finance Company can get you the most comprehensive list of Car Finance Rates around!

Financing a used car is simpler than you expect and in our experienced hands, we can walk you through the administration in a flash! But at the end of the day, what you want is the best possible rate in town. Guess what? We can help you with that too!

When you need to look at financing options to seal the deal, The Smarter Finance Company is here to help you do just that and get the best car finance rate while you’re at it.

Make the most of our connections to get the quotations from all over the country then save money by allowing us to compare and contrast the different options. You will be able to see clearly which car finance plan is the best for you and get the financing that you need for your new or used car today!

We can provide you with a list of Car Finance Rates quickly and easily so that you can decide on the best car finance plan for yourself!

Why Choose Us?

All over Australia

Wherever you are - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Sydney!

All over Australia

Based in Australia, we know the industry around us and are well equipped to help you understand exactly what you need, wherever you may be! The Smarter Finance Company is dedicated to serve you with passion whether you contact us through the phone, on our online portal, via email, or in person. Get to know us and tap on our connections across the country to help give yourself a headstart of locating the best deals for financing your new or used cars!

Loans for Your Business

Getting funding for asset acquisitions is easy with us!

Loans for Your Business

Making sure that your business has the funds and capital that it needs is as easy as 1-2-3 when you have The Smarter Finance Company helping you to get an affordable and competitive quote from our list of highly regarded lenders. Across Australia, you will find no better company to help you negotiate a good deal so that you can afford what you need for your company.

Options Galore!

There are so many ways to get funding!

Options Galore!

There is more than 1 type of loan for financing your car, and way more than that when it comes to people who will supply you the financial tools to do it! Let The Smarter Finance Company help you make sense of all the options and assist you to get the best deal out of all the fish out there. We can help you pick the right plan that will help you get your new or used car quicker and cheaper than you expected!

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