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Find out more about the available car financing rates with us and you’ll be able to work out the best car finance deals around! Car finance deals are a dime a dozen when you know where to get quotes from. The Smarter Finance Company can help you get a list of our best quotations in no time at all!

Car finance doesn’t have to be complicated when you understand the different options and features like we do. Let us help you finance your car today!

If you are looking at financing your car or wanting to find a good insurance cover for your vehicle, then you can count on our consultants to take the time to understand your needs and recommend something that will suit your budget and requirements. Even if you have had trouble due to irregular income or lack of credit history, we have been very successful in handling all sorts of loan application cases and are confident that we will be able to extend our success to help you too! Let us get to know you and what you are looking for!

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Car Finance Deals

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I just needed a car to get around, and I don’t need all the frills that come with a flashy car to be honest. But when the Smarter Finance helped to compare car finance rates, I can actually get a pretty good car finance deal and shoot for something a little better than a clunker. I’m glad my friend pointed me in their direction and I’ll be doing so too with others who need help!

Brodie Foveaux, Crossdale


Here’s a shout to Rowan and his team for being so awesome with my car financing applications. I think that they are an excellent team with experience and knowledge about the car market and they can definitely help you realise your car dreams!

Luca Hayden, Melbourne


My mum told me that if I can afford to, to get some professional help when it comes to buying cars. To compare car finance rates on your own can be very confusing and I might end up with a terrible car loan that might keep me in debt for a long time. So, I think I made a good choice with The Smarter Finance Company handling my car finance issues and I’ll be sticking with them for a while to come!

Sophie Corbould, Brisbane


I’m not one of The Smarter Finance Company’s typical clients I think? I only needed some advice on new car warranty comparisons and getting a good deal for my new car. I wanted some extensions and didn’t want to take the dealership at their word… Anyway, long story short, I think I got a pretty sweet offer from one of their partners and I’ll definitely be considering them the next time I need any car finance services too!

Dean Duncombe, Sydney

Car Finance Deals

Get bang for your buck with a quotation from The Smarter Finance Company!

Wanting to stick to your budget and making sure that you are getting a deal that’s your money’s worth is absolutely normal. We know that it sucks to realise that you could have got your car at a better deals somewhere else, so trust us when we say we can help you find the best car finance deal around!

Being experienced in the car industry, we are well connected to a long list of financial institutions that supply financial products for financing your car. We can bring in all our reputable lenders for quotes and show you exactly how cheap a deal for financing a car can be! Let us help you work out the options from all of them, you can find the deals that suits you best and be satisfied with the car that you purchased at the best car finance rate that you can find!

We know that you can find value for your money by comparing car finance deals and offers. If you’re expecting to purchase a new car, it’s a good idea to examine different financing options so that you can match your new car finances to your needs. Let us help you!

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Insurance

Find the Insurance you need at the right price!

Affordable Insurance

If you’re worried about how you will afford repairs for your car if something happens during an accident, you will need insurance! And finding a competitive insurance rate can be quite complicated because different institutions provide different cover. Let us help you sort out the differences and get you and your vehicle protected for fire, theft, third party damage and more, all at a very competitive price!

Fuller Protection

We are all about making sure that your cover includes all scenarios!

Fuller Protection

When it comes to having a peace of mind, insurance can definitely give you that! Comprehensive insurance plans can take care of any financial constraints that you may have if your car gets into an accident, or requires repairs. The Smarter Finance Company knows how to help you with getting an insurance plan that will cover you for as many events as possible while remaining affordable for you!

A One-Stop Finance Solution

It will never be more convenient than getting The Smarter Finance Company to work out your financing!

A One-Stop Finance Solution

The Smarter Finance Company can be your one stop shop when it comes to financing and getting ready for your new or used car. Having consultants who are well versed with what it takes to plan out repayments and budget for a vehicle means that things are that much simpler and convenient when you choose us to help you with getting the right plans in place. Take advantage of our expertise to get things settled today!

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