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Used cars can be so much more affordable and you can definitely still get something that you like! With used car finance, financing a used car can open a world of possibilities for your transport needs! If you’re worried about the expenses of a new car, affording a used car may be the solution for you! And it can be that much easier with a used car finance plan too.

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After pulling out a few quotations for used car finance rates there weren’t any options for me to go for. I decided to try a professional car finance service and although the results were the same there, I’m really grateful for the advice the Rowan has given me on how to improve my credit score and other things so that I should see better options in the future. So thanks for that!

Seth Kaawirn


I’m very grateful for Rowan and his team. Their insight on the market is definitely welcomed especially when you’re a busy mom like me trying to deal with a posse of kids! I really appreciate their passion and the fact that they are willing to compare car financing based on my needs and share their findings with me. The used car finance rates definitely sold me on how valuable their professional car finance service is!

Kayla Tomholt


If I knew a few years ago how easy it is to get approvals for car financing with a professional car finance service, I would totally have gone to The Smarter Finance Company when I bought my first car. Honestly, the speed and detail of their service is impeccable! I would gladly pay a little bit more for them to help me out with all the applications and comparisons anytime!

Madeleine Angas


I’m writing this review about The Smarter Finance Company to thank them for getting me the best finance deal! My friends have had issues getting decent car loans and used car finance rates but I think I really hit the jackpot here because I’ve got my car on a loan that doesn’t totally leave me broke at the end of the month! Thanks for your help again and I’ll be telling my friends where to find you!

Tyler Gurner
Find out about used car finance with The Smarter Finance Company!

When you’re looking for ways to afford a car for yourself, why not look at used cars? Used cars can be an excellent solution if you need some personal transport but don’t have the money to shell out for a used car from a dealership.

At prices that are much lower, if you play your cards right, you can acquire a decent vehicle that will serve you well for many years to come at a decent price.

And if you still need a little help with finding funding, then The Smarter Finance Company can help you out to get a used car loan so that it can be a possibility for you to finance a used car today! Let us help you with the requirements, documentation and applications, and applying to different companies for used car finance and getting multiple quotations that will suit any budget!

If you are looking to own your very first car, why not look at financing a used car with The Smarter Finance Company?

Why Choose Us?

Interest Rate Options

Find a scheme that works the best for you and your budget!

Interest Rate Options

Whatever your budget may be, know that there is a way to fit a repayment plan in! The Smarter Finance Company will help you to work out the necessary parameters to manage a financing schedule for your used car, so you don’t have to worry about the affordability of it all! Contact us with your requirements and let us do the work of finding the best match to your needs.

Dedicated Service

Our advisors are committed to a quick resolution and also your satisfaction!

Dedicated Service

Whether you are applying for a personal loan or a business loan to finance your vehicle, you can expect speedy replies from everyone at The Smarter Finance Company! We know that you’re eager to bring back your used car, so we will try our best to ensure that you will have the paperwork and funds ready when you need it! Call us today and let us take care of things right away!

Simple Document Requirements

Complicated verification processes are not necessary if you have the experience that we do with administration!

Simple Document Requirements

The Smarter Finance Company knows that getting a car may be difficult in other places if your financial circumstances are different from others. But we also know that you are in good standing for the loan that you need, so we make it a point to help you get it! With our connections, we can help you get a loan with low document requirements so that getting closer to your car will be as stress-free as possible!

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