You may have heard this before, but we’ll say it again that you need to be careful when you’re ready to buy a car. Whether you’re going to a dealer for a new car or looking for a trade-in you need to watch out for tricks. The main job of the salesperson is to get you to take a new car home for as much as possible and may use all sorts of tactics to make sure that that is exactly what is going to happen! Read on to find out about what goes on in some negotiations…

They may be little white lies, but lies nonetheless… Car salesmen will tell you that the colour that you want isn’t available or perhaps that there’s only one last model left on the lot. Maybe they will put a time limit on the offer they have quoted or that there is a queue lined up for this particular vehicle. Don’t fall for their tricks and feel pressured to pick up a car that you have no love (or money) for and stick to your guns! Patience will pay off and you won’t be saddled with a car that you don’t like!

Beware of promises made by the dealer. Chances are if they haven’t given you anything in writing that they’re pulling a fast one over you. When you arrive at the dealership to pick up your car at the price that they’ve quoted, they might have “sold” it off or told you some other story about how that deal isn’t available anymore. But since you’re at the showroom, they may try and get you to buy some other car, which is probably not in your price range or perhaps not even a model that you were interested in at all! Just remember to get them to email or commit in writing to you with a statement saying that the car is available and at what price.

Be careful when your car salesperson seems focused on the monthly payment amounts. Without mentioning how long the tenure is going to be or what the instalments consist of, they could be hiding all sorts of other payments inside what you’re paying that you’ll be paying off for a long time to come! Fix a final budget and tell them how much you’re willing to pay as an overall price so that you don’t get suckered into overpaying or even paying for a lot of things that you don’t want.

With all the game playing going on, it’s hard to know whether you’ve got a good deal for your car or not. Take our advice and don’t surrender your keys or your identification document either! Look at car financing plans separately from the car itself too! Come to The Smarter Finance Company for that last one, we’ll be able to help you out and give you more advice to get a good car price to boot!