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Insurance is all about giving you the peace of mind, and especially with your new or used car, you want to make sure that you are covered for all unexpected situations … When you finance your car, insurance is the next in the line of important financial tools for you. The Smarter Car Finance Company can help you get covered for different situations that may happen when you take your car home.

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The Smarter Finance Company has the experience in the motor industry enough to tell you that a comprehensive insurance plan for your vehicle is a really good investment on your part if you want to maintain and protect your new or used car.

With insurance and other services in place with us, you can count on our help to receive help by the roadside, or at your authorised repair workshop, and against any 3rd party claims for damages during accidents.

The Smarter Finance Company can help you achieve the reassurance that your vehicle and lifestyle is protected if anything happens to you on the road or off it. When a misfortune hits, damaging your car, or if illness hits your family and funds are at a low, an insurance plan can give you a way out so that you don’t have to give up your vehicle and you don’t have to forfeit any security that you have put down.

With our extended warranties and roadside assistance services, you can count on us to help you in whatever tough situation you may be in.

We will help you to analyze what you need and work out an affordable and effective insurance plan to put into place for you.

Why Choose Us?

Personalised Payment Schemes

Personalised Payment Schemes

When you get The Smarter Finance Company to work out a payment schedule for you, we make sure that it matches what you need!

Personalised Payment Schemes

Making monthly payments for your car can be affected by each person’s situation, but the actual amount can be determined by your initial deposit amount and the current market interest rates – the analysis of which is The Smarter Finance Company’s forte! Let us help you compare and contrast the different financial plans available to find you a suitable loan repayment scheme that matches what you need and your budget too!
Down and Balloon Payments

Down and Balloon Payments

Making a down payment or a balloon payment can help you keep monthly payments manageable!

Down and Balloon Payments

Sometimes your monthly repayment amounts may seem daunting, but did you know that you can tweak your plan so that the amounts are more palatable? With residual refinancing, you can adjust your balloon payments at the end of the loan term so that the payable amount goes down! That means that any financing plan for your new or used car can be made available to you! Contact The Smarter Finance Company to find out how!
Roadside Rescue across Australia

Roadside Rescue across Australia

Sometimes you need a little help on the road - you can count on us to be there for you, wherever you are!

Roadside Rescue across Australia

In addition to your financing plans, The Smarter Finance Company has connections all across Australia when it comes to unexpected roadside situations. Whether you are on the highway or can’t get your car out of the garage, we are able to send someone your way to help you get things sorted out. Trust us to make sure that you get an all-rounded protection plan for your car and your finances!

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