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Smarter Comprehensive Insurance

Finding the best deal can be a time consuming but at we will do the hard work for you. We can arrange competitive Comprehensive Car Insurance through some of Australia’s leading insurers giving you absolute peace of mind.

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Benefits of Comprehensive Insurance

  • New car replacement after a Total Loss for vehicles up to 3 years of age
  • Pay-by-the-month option
  • Choice of repairer
  • Emergency assistance
  • Personal effects cover
  • Agreed or Market value
  • Hire car following a theft
  • Windscreen cover
  • Hire car after an accident
  • Protected No Claim Bonus
  • Variable excess options
  • Security discounts

When you buy a new car whether fresh off the manufacturing factory or used, the last thing on your mind is that something might happen to it, or you and other people inside it!

Especially when you have spent a lot of money on your brand new vehicle, this is exactly why it’s important to having your insurance in place before you start driving. With the right insurance plan covering you, we are able to cover you for fire, theft and third party damage as well as other unpredictable events that might happen on and off the road.

Let The Smarter Car Finance Company take care of ensuring that you have the right protection for your vehicle and for your safety.

Why Choose Us?

Across the Country

Let us help you wherever you are in Australia!

Across the Country

The Smart Finance Company is your choice for a home-grown finance company who knows its way around the financial terms and jargons and local requirements and regulations when it comes to buying new or used cars, trucks, machinery or with any other financial tools. We can give you the reassurance of getting your contracts done up properly and thoroughly, so let us give you a helping hand!

Company Financing

You are securing your company’s future through a business loan

Company Financing

With contacts to reputable lenders in all the major cities in Australia, we can help your business get a business loan quicker than most other financial consultants around! Let us advise you on the best vehicle to help your company secure the finances that it needs in order to grow! The Smarter Finance Company has the knowledge and experience to ensure that any of these financial contracts will be comprehensively taken care of. You will be able to finalise your asset acquisitions in no time!

Find the right fit!

There is a smarter way to choose the financing plan that fits what you need !

Find the right fit!

When you’re confused about all the different financial tools that are available to help you sort out funds for the new or used vehicle you’ve set your eye on, you may need some help! And that’s where we come in! The Smarter Finance Company is well versed in how all the different products work, and it’s our job to give you the advice that you need so that you get the right fit for your needs!

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