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Smarter Tyre and Rim insurance

Tyre & Rim Insurance is a simple and cost effective solution protecting your wheel rims or tyres if they are damaged. Coverage include tyres being punctured or damaged by a pothole, kerb, nail, screw, metal, glass, road debris or a blowout, and wheel rims becoming cracked, warped or misshapen by a pothole, kerb or road debris.

This is the best kept secret in automotive insurance.

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Benefits of Tyre and Rim Insurance

  • No excess on claims
  • Towing to the nearest Beaurepaires store if your vehicle cannot be driven
  • Additional policy entitlements
  • Low cost optional Roadside assistance
  • Three years of protection

Besides financing your car, The Smarter Finance Company knows what you need to ensure that you have the peace of mind when driving your new vehicle. Your tyres and tyre rims can be very damaged by the smallest thing on the road and we want to make sure that when you get covered, you’re covered from the bottom up! Having your tyres go flat or blowing out while out on the road can cost you a lot of time getting it fixed back up if you don’t have the right contacts to help you get the problem fixed!

Why Choose Us?

Longer Commitment to Quality

Let us help you extend that assurance for the working order of your car.

Longer Commitment to Quality

If you need repairs or maintenance done on your vehicle, pulling out your car warranty will ensure that you will get the best care from authorised dealers and workshops. So having it extended means that you can count on quality service for a longer period of time! So why not let The Smarter Finance Company take care of this small part of getting your car protected! We only have you in mind when we help you negotiate for an extended warranty for your car!

Personal Loans the Smarter way!

Let The Smarter Finance Company help you work out the best rate for personal loans around!

Personal Loans the Smarter way!

That set of wheels you’ve been eyeing can be yours with a personal loan! With our help, processing an application for a personal loan can be simple and quick, and you can have the cash that you need to get the ball rolling before you know it! The Smarter Finance Company has the experience and knowledge to advise and walk you through all the steps and you can trust us to get you a great deal!

Put your Credit History aside

With The Smarter Finance Company, we can still help you secure that loan despite a bad credit history!

Put your Credit History aside

When your credit history is bad, chances are that you may have given up hope on being able to purchase a car on account of the inability to apply for a loan. but The Smarter Finance Company can help you out by helping you to arrange for an affordable and competitive one with any of partners! And better yet, with a good financing plan, you can continue to make timely payments and improve your rating too!

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