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Smarter Warrenties

By planning now you can avoid potentially costly expenses for major repairs. Whether you buy a new or used vehicle, we have flexible packages to suit your needs. Getting an extended warranty is a great way to guarantee that your new or used vehicle works at its best! Your manufacturer should ensure that your new vehicle is fit to be driven and we can ensure that that promise is upheld to you for a longer period!

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When you protect your brand new vehicle, a warranty ensures that you can get the qualified attention that you need if something is found to be defective or faulty.

Having an extended warranty guarantees our customers of our promise that a manufacturer will hold their product in fine and working order for you, even past their original warranty period. With that extra reassurance, you can be reassured of the proper and professional care for your new car, that the right help for the cost of repairs and replacements will be in place. Let The Smarter Finance Company help you extend your warranty, seal in your manufacturer’s obligation to help with any issues and ensure that you can claim against any defects when you need to.

It’s important to look at extending your warranty so you can access the replacements you need for a longer period of time.

With extended warranties, you can be assured that you’ll have access to those parts for a longer period giving you the peace of mind that things will be fixed with authenticity! demand.

The Smarter Finance Company knows that the smarter thing to do when you leave your home, is to have the contact of a roadside assistance service handy because we really never know when we will need it! Whether in an accident or if you’ve lost your keys or you need some help to get your car up and running, we are able to send someone to lend you a hand, or a tow truck, whatever time in the day it is and wherever you may be. Whether to repair your car or bring you back to somewhere more familiar, that’s what the service is for!

Covering your car parts for manufacturer’s defects and problems is an important protection to have. Especially when in a performance machine like a car, you can’t be too careful about having a safeguard in place for the repair and replacement of its components!

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Personalised Payment Schemes

Quicker Turnaround Times

If everything is in order ,we don’t see why we can’t get you approved that much quicker!

Quicker Turnaround Times

If you are looking to speed up your loan application, then you’ve come to the right place with The Smarter Finance Company! We know just what documents you need in order for the whole process to go smoothly, if not quickly! We want to make sure that you go through the least amount of hassle when you need funds urgently for your vehicle, so why not let us take care of you when it comes to pre-approving the financing for your car?
Financing on a Budget

Financing on a Budget

When you need to watch your pennies, you can count on us to help you work something out.

Financing on a Budget

We all want to pay less for more, that’s why The Smarter Finance Company knows what we need to do when we help you fund your new or used car! Let us help you analyse your requirements and your affordability and find you the perfect loan plan so that you can afford your monthly repayments with ease! There is a plan that matches you exactly and we know just how to help you get it!
Lump Sum Financing

Lump Sum Financing

You can opt for a lump sum payment to keep monthly commitments down.

Lump Sum Financing

With residual refinancing, you are making use of balloon payments to manage your monthly repayment amounts – something that The Smarter Finance Company has plenty of experience helping customers to do! We are the experts in helping people adjust their financing plans so that they are affordable and accessible for all sorts of situations! Why not let us help you work out your refinancing plan today?

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