When you’ve got your dream car picked out, did you know that there is still quite a ways to go before you get to signing the contract? We’re talking about looking at all the frills and add-ons that you can look at for your car! From increasing your engine capacity to extra detailing and those little touches too… Just how do you decide whether you really need those add-ons or not?

Safety Add-ons – Safety could and SHOULD be a big factor for you when it comes to picking up extra features for your car! The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) rating for car safety is a pretty important scale to go by, but you can always ensure that you have more features installed if you are worried about the safety of your passengers, particularly if you have young kids in the car with you. You can look at these options – more airbags, collision and lane change warning systems, as well as additional cameras which can help you park in tight situations.

Electric or Environmentally-conscious Versions – You could be a very conscientious person and want to do your part to take care of the environment. Opting for a hybrid or electric car means that you’ll be able to do all that as well as get some pretty wonderful fuel economy from it at the same time too! Do be aware that hybrid and environmentally-conscious car models generally cost a little bit more from the start, but if you take care of how you drive and maximise the hybrid functions, you’ll make all that money back in savings on petrol!

Paint & detailing – The colour and look of your car can definitely cost you a pretty penny, but there is something to be said about wanting to personalise your very own car. So whether it’s putting on a new bumper or front grill, or changing the colour of your car, adding a spoiler or running some decals on the body of your ride, it seems like a small price to pay right? Remember to shop around and look for competitive rates for doing up your car so you don’t quite spend too much on these options.

More Technology – Infotainment systems and connectivity seem to be all the range in the latest car models these days. While satellite navigation and internet connection might seem a basic necessity these days, do you really need the extra distraction while you’re driving? Perhaps you drive a business vehicle and need to be in contact with your office or you have hyperactive kids who need to be entertained, think carefully about whether you need to put in these extra options in because they can cost a pretty penny!

Extra Insurance and Warranties – Similar to safety features, opting for more insurance and warranties should be at the very top of the list of important add-ons for your car, but it’s sad to say that not a lot of people see the importance of having these policies in place because the benefits are intangible. Speak to a professional consultant to find out just what sort of coverage you need and can afford to get the most out of your car insurance package.

While all these add-ons are available to you, you need to be careful when you’re negotiating with the dealer to have them put in because prices may be jacked sky high for some add-ons that you don’t really need, just so they can make even more profit from a sale from you! Make sure that you do your research and are absolutely certain that you need these add-ons when you commit to them! You can find out more about how these add-ons like insurance and extra protection work with The Smarter Finance Company.