Sometimes, the hardest decisions come from choosing the car itself. If your finances are in order, and you’re in a stable job or have a stable income stream, then you won’t need to worry so much about how you’re going to raise funds to purchase the car of your dreams. But there are truly so many of them out there! How can you possibly pick just one! Well, The Smarter Finance Company has some commonly asked questions listed here so that you can ask yourself before you decide on which is the best vehicle for you!

Questions like “how many passengers do you need to carry?” and “do you have children or aged parents that will be using the car with you?” are important questions to ask. It may not make as much sense to buy a sporty 2-door coupe when you realise that you need to put a baby seat in, and a taller vehicle might be difficult for the old folk to clamber in and out of. At the same time, if you require boot space for ferrying things around for work, then you may want to look at a utility vehicle or truck or even station wagon so you can get that extra capacity. At the same time, the size of the car might also be affected by your parking restraints too, so you may want to think about how big your garage is before you go ahead and purchase it!

Of course we all want a more powerful car because feeling a performance machine take you from 0 to 100 miles or kilometres per hour is a feeling in the world that’s just indescribable. But practically, getting more power out of your car may lead to higher fuel consumption, so it may be prudent to analyse just how much horse power you really need. It also pays to look at front, back or all-wheel drive, and whether you’ll be towing or hitching a trailer too. Extra features and options will also cost extra, so really evaluate whether you need it before you buy it!

Safety should definitely be high on the list for things to think about when you’re looking at purchasing or financing a car. You might want to ask yourself some questions that will affect the type of car you buy, or the power that the car might require in order to travel on the roads and environment around your home and office – if you intend to stay mostly on the roads and highways versus whether you intend to take your car on an expedition with off-road routes, the differences in safety can be quite substantial! The more dangerous your route, the more you will need extra airbags and a robust braking systems. At the same time, ice and snow and other seasonal situations can also affect the wheels and traction requirements too.

It’s very important to think about how much your car will cost you in the long run. Besides buying extra features now, how you intend to use the car will also have a big effect on its fuel consumption and other long term performance. Perhaps you may have a long commute to work, if the car you purchase is more powerful, that may cost you a lot of extra petrol dollars in the long run! It may also be worthwhile to looks at manufacturer’s warrantees when you are looking at brand new cars. These may save you lots of money in potential maintenance fees in the future too.

Of course, budget more often than not is a major factor that will govern your decision to purchase a vehicle, but fret not! We want you to know that there are plenty of options to get the right amount of financing to purchase your car. With the money in your pocket, you can focus on the more exciting decisions of life instead!