Besides looking at car financing plans, it’s a good idea to arrange for a close-up with the car you might be driving home! It gives you a good chance to get acquainted with the look and feel of the car and you can take the opportunity to ask questions about the vehicle if any situations occur. The Smarter Finance Company helps you look at how to go about finalising your car choice through a test drive here!

1- Schedule a Test Drive
The very first step is to give your dealership a call and book a test driving slot! Tell them which make and model of car that you were thinking of testing so that they can arrange for you a convenient timeslot to visit their showroom and borrow their keys. You may want to ask about what routes you can take with the car when you bring it out for a spin so that you can familiarise yourself with where you can go.

Before actually finalising the appointment though, it might make sense to ask any preliminary questions before heading down – if you are looking for a particular colour or what other features you hope the car will be sporting. At the same time, make friends with the salesperson over the phone or over email and mention to them that you are quite keen in purchasing the exact model but may not do so on the spot so that you don’t have to worry too much about hard selling when you are done with your test drive!

2 – During the Test Drive
Arriving for the test drive might be nerve wracking for you, so it would be good to get yourself familiarised with the vehicle before you head out into the roads. While the car is stationary, make sure that you’ve adjusted the mirrors and seat position to your preference and look into the boot space too.

When out on the road, make it a point to get on the expressway and other road locations that are part of your usual driving experience. If you live in a hilly area, test the car up slopes and down slopes and also over bumps and taking corners as well. It’s also important to test your brakes lightly and in “emergency” stops. In addition, try sitting at the back of the car to see how it would feel for your passengers too. You may want to concentrate on evaluating the car, so allot a period of time to do so without distractions like the radio or even the sales person talking in your ear!

3 – After the Test Drive
Once you’re out of the car, it’s highly likely that your salesperson might descend on your with the good intentions of having the car’s commission added to his monthly salary. But you should take the time to review what you’ve found and tell him as much! Asking for the best price and asking how long the price will be valid for is a good idea.
In addition, you may want to schedule other test drives back to back so that it’s easier for you to remember to feel of each vehicle better. That in itself may be a good way to get out of your salesperson’s clutches!

After your test drive with your dealership, don’t be hasty at making the decision to purchase. A car is a big commitment that will most likely need a car financing plan put in place so that you can afford it so it’s important to feel absolutely comfortable with what you bring home at the end of day!