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Take on a business loan to so that you can finance a car under your company’s capacity

Financing a car needs a little extra cash, so why not use a business loan to provide you with a financing plan specific to your company’s needs.

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Business Loans

Chattel Mortgages

A Chattel Mortgage is a financial tool specifically for financing car sales and other forms of movable equipment in Australia.

Chattel Mortgage

If you don’t have any assets to put up as a security, putting your vehicle up as “Chattel” allows you access to even lower interest rates, just like a secured loan. We can help you find out more and explain to you in detail about how a Chattel Mortgage works.

Commercial Hire Purchase

If you don’t need to own your own vehicle, but know you need it over an extended period of time, then the Commercial Hire Purchase is the financing tool for you!

Commercial Hire Purchase

Financing your car with a Hire Purchase agreement has countless benefits if you only need the car for a short period of time. Let The Finance Smarter Company help you work out the details so that you can start driving today!

Novated Lease

When you’re working with a company that treasures you as an employee, sometimes you get extra benefits, which can include the use of a vehicle. With a Novated Loan, you’ll have a financial tool to help bridge the financing of that new car.

Novated Lease

The Smarter Finance Company is experienced in helping both employer and employee work out the terms of contract to help you with financing your car and with the calculations and administration to match the repayments to your budget!
Finance Smarter

Benefits of Business Loans

  • Large Amounts at low interest rates
  • Long tenure periods from 1 to 7 years
  • Tax deductions
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Discounted or waiver of early repayment fees
When it comes to purchasing a vehicle – whether it is a truck or van for transportation or shipping, perhaps company cars for running daily errands or providing employees with concierge or employment benefits, a business could use a little extra boost to complete the transaction. And that’s where a business loan comes in! A business loan taken from a financial institute can cater specifically to companies and businesses that require cash for business purposes. This could be anything from purchasing more inventory, start-up costs, expansion plans, or simply to tide the business over until a busier period in the year when sales pick up. Because the loan is applied for in the capacity of a company, there are certain benefits that the company can reap. Lenders generally find businesses more reliable for debt and thus are more willing to loan larger amounts and at lower interest rates to them. In addition, the range of loan periods can span for a longer period of time too depending on whether the company fulfills some criteria on turnover and productivity. At the same time, the business can also opt for other options that make their business loan more flexible such as payment holidays and lump sum payments, of which fees can also be waived in certain circumstances. And since the company takes a loan out for financing company cars, the business aspect of it all can also give you the advantage of tax deductible allowances too! You will be able to acquire the cars you need while saving money in the process!