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Smarter Novated Loan

Having a Novated Loan in place to finance your car involves making use of your pre-tax salary to pay for the monthly loan amounts with the help of your employer. Your employer will save money on taxes and so will you while you receive assistance on your monthly repayments AND get to choose the car of your dreams. Most of the choices of vehicle remain largely with you and the ownership of the car follows you even if you change company! A Novated Loan could really work to your advantage if you’re looking for a way to finance your car without having to change too much of your current situation.

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It is not only about fun and games when it comes to purchasing a car because of the large sum of money involved in a long-term commitment so I turned to my company for help and they suggested a novated lease.

I enquired with Finance Smarter regarding a novated lease for company and one of their credible finance advisors assisted me all the way through to be liaised with my company representative with much patience and explanation.

Maddison Keats, Sydney
A car is a necessity for almost every individual and thankfully for me, my company offers the option of a novated lease. I enquired at several financing companies but eventually decided on the Finance Smarter Company because of their good rates for a fully maintained novated lease. Their financial advisor was very proficient in the field and advised me accordingly after clarifying the doubts that I had.

Definitely a hassle-free and worry-free transaction that I went through!

Luke Jessep, Brisbane
A car purchase can be considered as an investment as well so I put deep thoughts into my plan beforehand to get more out of my purchase. I put my whole trust in Finance Smarter that had helped me with my novated lease for used car with my company.

I know I am getting much more value out of the money I am paying for at this company with their competitive rates especially for their fully maintained novated lease plan.

Audrey Lush, Melbourne
Every person has his/her own preferences and budget constraints just like the situation I was in. For me, my company provides the benefit of a novated lease under company. Hence, I sought assistance with the Finance Smarter company to finance my car.

Their experienced advisor then emphasized on several considerations that I needed to factor in for the novated lease for a used car so a wise thinking process was executed together with their team.

Sam Peel, Gold Coast
Finance Smarter

Benefits of Novated Loan

  • Non & Fully maintained
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • Fast Approval
  • Fuel & Oil
  • Registration & Insurance
  • Accident Management

Novated Loans are a great way to maximise your salary package and help you to afford a new or used car too! Using a novated loan means integrating the financing of your car together with your income so that your employer plays a part with the administration and disbursement of the monthly payments.

You are still fully in control of the selection process – you get the choose which car you’d like and there are even options down the line of transferring the agreement to future employers if they are agreeable. This makes the Novated Loan plans extremely desirable by working adults in a stable career!

There are 2 forms of novated loans in this sense – a non-maintained loan which excludes the daily operating costs of your vehicle and a maintained loan which is all-inclusive. This means costs like fuel and oil, servicing and maintenance, changing tires, registration and insurance fees can all be a part of your package, or not.

Both methods of employing a novated loan are fully tax deductible, since the payment of the financing plan happens before salary is given to the employee, or rather what is considered your pre tax income. That means even greater savings for both you and your employers – it’s a win-win situation!

Since your employing company plays a part in helping you secure the loan for your vehicle, we are able to give you better rates and faster approvals, helping you get one step closer to finishing the processing and administration for your very own vehicle!

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Payment Amounts

Let us help you calculate a repayment scheme that is the best fit for your budget!

Flexible Payment Amounts

We know that making your repayments may be a very stressful situation for some of our customers, but that is why The Smarter Finance Company makes the commitment to help each and every one of you find a financing plan that works according to your requirements and your budget! Owning a car should be a happy event, so we make you the promise that the repayments will be as close to that as possible too!

Pre and Post Payment Plans

You can make residual payments at the end of the loan tenure to keep your monthly repayment amounts down.

Pre and Post Payment Plans

When it comes to working out your monthly repayments, there are a number of options that can help you keep the amount low and affordable. The Smarter Finance Company is an expert at helping people calculate the perfect balance between balloon payments and deposits and actual monthly repayments for all sorts of budgets and lifestyles! Give us the opportunity to make your loan work for you!

Roadside Recovery Services

When you’re in a pickle on the road, let our Roadside Recovery Services bail you out!

Roadside Recovery Services

If you’re ever caught in a jam because your car has broken down by the side of the road, you can count on The Smarter Finance Company to hook you up with some help! With our roadside assistance services, you can count on someone to come by and get you back on the road, wherever you may be! Roadside Assistance is an invaluable help when you least expect it, so find out how you can connected with our network of recover teams with us!

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