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Smarter Personal Loans

You can use a personal loan to help you own the car of your dreams that much quicker! Here’s how…

A personal loan is when a person borrows money from a reputable lender or institution for personal uses, such as funding a brand new or used car. The lender charges a percentage interest off the amount borrowed as a ‘service fee’ that can be repaid over a number of months or years depending on what both parties have agreed on. The plan can be put together in a number of ways to adjust the monthly payable amount to fit the borrower’s budget.

Finance Your Car the Smarter Way!

Personal Loans

Fixed Rates

Finding the funds to finance a car can be easy, but maintaining a loan may not be as simple. With a fixed rate loan, use its predictability to help you meet your payments.

Fixed Rates

Fixed rate loans can be a huge boon for you and by facilitating your financial planning, you can budget for monthly payments well and meet them, even over a long tenure period. With that kind of predictability, you won’t have to worry about not being able to make payments and your car getting repossessed!

Fixed Rates

Consumer Car Finance

Using your budget and long term goals as the consideration for application, the consumer loan could provide an easy solution for financing your new or used vehicle.

Consumer Car Finance

If you are trying to maximise your budget when financing your car, letting your car itself act as a security for the loan can really take down the deposit and repayment amounts. Let The Smarter Finance Company help you work out the details.

Consumer Car Finance

Flexible Rates

With a Flexible Loan, you can use this financing plan for your car as a tool to save money for rainy days and pay up your loan as and when you have the money in your account.

Flexible Rates

You can save into the plan when you can and borrow back from the overpayments if you need help on months where money is a little tight.

Flexible Rates
The finance market today is highly competitive so I, as a potential customer knew I needed to look thoroughly in the market amongst the pool of finance companies for loans they offer to filter out only the best rates.

To secure a value for money deal, I liaised with Finance Smarter to finance our company loans as they had a non-obligatory term for any discussion which in my opinion, is highly essential to make a wise decision.

Poppy Luxton, Melbourne
With the tight competition in the financial industry, we needed affordable rates to finance our company loans. I know it is a buyers’ market and I am spoilt for choice when it comes to finance deals. The Finance Smarter company helped our company greatly and we managed to secure a very competitive plan to finance our company loan.

We are very impressed at the short time it took to commence our agreement and how hassle-free it was.

Justin McCracken, Perth
I have sought high and low for the most value-worthy finance company that can finance company loan and stumbled upon Smarter Finance. I insisted on them providing a quote before I agree on any terms to compare around. After some considerations, I finally decided on theirs as our personal preferences and constraints are met.

Without much delay, progress was in place by their committed advisor and we obtained a personal loan from finance company in no time.

Mikayla Munz, Sydney
Complex processes are involved when it comes to sourcing for financing companies for loans. Quotes need to be considered carefully but at The Finance Smarter Company, it was such a breeze. We did not hesitate much looking at how professional their advisors handled our personal loan from finance company. Our doubts were clarified in an instance and before long, we were already signing the agreement.

It was that hassle-free and they are highly recommended indeed!

Ryder Denehy, Brisbane

Benefits of Personal Loans

  • Flexible tenure periods from 1 to 7 years
  • Easy and Quick Approval Process
  • Deposit or Balloon Payments available
  • Tax Deductions if vehicle is used for business purposes
  • Discounted or waiver of early repayment fees

When a person takes on a personal loan, they are borrowing money for personal items, just like purchasing a new or used car. There are many other reasons why people borrow money in a personal loan though and with so many credit companies who can supply these personal loans in various configurations, there are many options available to suit all different requirements and budgets.

The premise is simple, a borrower who needs some extra funds for funding their dream vehicle simply sends in an application based on their credit history, identification and income documents and requests for a loan at a certain amount. The loan itself is not secured against any item, meaning that the willingness for the lender (who is the financial institution or bank) to approve your request is entirely reliant on your credit history and/or ability to repay the loan.

Based on an interest rate, the lender then analyses the person’s details and background to decide whether or not to issue the loan. Generally, the more stable the person in terms of income and work as well as the more credible their repayment history has been, the higher the maximum loan amount and the better interest rates will be allowed to that person, in addition to flexibility in repayment terms and other discounts.

Why Choose Us?

Australia’s Premier Financing Advisor

We operate in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney!

Australia’s Premier Financing Advisor

Having a financial consultant who can help you navigate the local car and finance industry is invaluable when you are looking for a new or used vehicle, so why not look to The Smarter Finance Company for that help that you need when you have started to look for that perfect car here in Australia! We will give you our professional opinion and help you to get that right fit when it comes to affording your new car!

Business Funding

Let us help you finance your new vehicle; cars, construction or farm equipment and trucks.

Business Funding

Acquiring new tools and equipment can be complicated if you are unsure of the procedures to secure a business loan. That’s why The Smarter Finance Company is ready to lend you our expertise in sourcing for reasonable and comparable quotes across Australia! Our passion is all about helping our customers get their finances sorted out and in order so that their businesses can succeed so why not let us give you our professional advice and help you get your business loans approved today!

So Many Choices!

Make the most of our connections to get the right fit for yourself!

So Many Choices!

The Smarter Finance Company knows that it’s important to understand the different options that are available when it comes to financing your new or used vehicles, so let us help you get everything stacked up against each other! We’re experienced in requesting for quotations then drawing the charts and tables that you need to see how they measure up! There’s never been an easier way to look for a good deal!

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