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Smarter Consumer Car Loans

A Consumer Loan is a personal finance product where the financier lends the customer funds for the purchase of a vehicle, and secures the loan against that vehicle. A Car Loan is also known as a Secured Car Loan.

The customer takes ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase, and the financier takes an interest in the vehicle as security for the loan.

Once the contract is completed, the financier lifts their interest in the vehicle, giving the customer clear title.

It was easy for me to enquire about a new car loan because the Finance Smarter Company provided insightful info so I could consider carefully per my budget. Their helpful and experienced financial advisor also helped me to compare several new car loans to narrow down to the one that better suits my monthly repayment budget.

I had no worries of the possibility to overrun my budget which would have otherwise taken a toll on my finances every month.

Hunter Chapman, Brisbane
I had financial issues and was looking through consumer car loan so I came to Finance Smarter for assistance. Their helpful advisors went straight in to my rescue and covered me with the most affordable consumer loan they had which suits my budget really well. I did not know prior to this that financing a car is almost hassle-free and with the right consultation, monthly payments would be a breeze.

I would like to thank Finance Smarter for this opportunity!

Lily Oatley, Sydney
The Smarter Car Finance Company provided me with an online quote for a new car loan and also a consumer loan so I did not have to personally go down to any of their offices which was really convenient for me as my schedule is always tight.

After I had made up my mind on which deal best suits my affordability means, I met with one of their friendly and experienced advisors who helped secure with my hassle-free loan agreement!

Angus Maguire, Adelaide
I was looking online for new car loans and came across Finance Smarter. I gave them a shot by obtaining a free online quote for consumer car loans for both new and used cars.

I saw that their deals were really attractive and I immediately went down to a nearby office to secure my new loan at an attractive rate. Their advisors were very patient and experienced who helped me to explain every term and condition before I signed the agreement.

Mason Ruwolt, Melbourne
Finance Smarter

Benefits of Consumer Car Loans

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Balloon Payments available
  • Tax Deductions available

The Consumer Loan works as a secured loan, meaning that the car itself can be used in your favour when it comes to asking financial institutions for credit. In the event that there is a default on payment, the financial institution is able to recover the vehicle itself as restitution for the funds that they may lose.

Not only does the vehicle act as collateral in this way, but the fact that there is an asset that is in play means that the financial institution can afford to be more lenient with its interest rates and give you a better overall price for your consumer loan!

When the loan period is over and all payments are made, the financial institution signs over the title of the car to you and it is no longer liable since you have fully paid up for the value of it.

With other options added in such as adjusting the tenure of your loan between 12 to 84 months and adding in either a down payment at the beginning of the contract or a balloon payment at the end of it, you can truly adjust the consumer loan to match your budget!

In addition, a tax deduction is available when the vehicle is acquired for your business and additionally other waivers and claims can be made over other taxes imposed on the cost of the vehicle such as GST.

Finance Smarter

Why Choose Us?

Connected Consultants

With a long list of partners across Australia, we can get you a large number of quotes, fast!

Connected Consultants

Connected ConsultantsThe Smarter Finance Company has the leverage to help you get the quick response that you need when it comes to getting your loan finalised. With our connections across Australia, we know that we can help you get quotes and replies from various financial institutions in a jiffy! When you contact us, you can expect that we will put you as our priority!

Loans with Less Documents

If you’re self employed or have irregular income, we can still help you secure your loan!

Loans with Less Documents

Loans with Less DocumentsAre complicated document requirements making financing your car difficult? Let The Smarter Finance Company help you out with sorting things out, and even getting you through the financial plans with as little documentation as possible! With some identification and verification, you’ll be one step closer to getting the funds that you need without all the fuss that you were worried about!

Longer Guarantees

Ensure that your car has that guarantee of quality for a longer period of time.

Longer Guarantees

Longer GuaranteesManufacturers give out warranties as a show of their promise that their product is made with sound and quality materials. With our help, we can help you get extensions of that warranty so that you can have the peace of mind that you will be able to get a longer commitment to that promise for your new car! Contact us to find out how you can get that extra guarantee in place today!

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