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Smarter Flexible Rates

With a flexible loan, you can really have the option to make payments customized to your cash flow! Find out more from The Smarter Finance Company!

A Flexible Loan is precisely as its name describes it – you can use this loan to give you the room to balance your repayments as you need to. Especially when you are found in good standing with the financial institutions, they are more willing to let you play around with when and how much you pay up for your loan at any point during the contract. This is a fantastic way to manage your finances in a way that suits your lifestyle and bank balances!

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Benefits of Flexible Rates

  • From 5k Upwards
  • Funds Next Day
  • 2 to 7 Year Options
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Travel & Holidays
  • Renovations

There are so many options and choices that you can take advantage of when you are setting up a financing scheme for yourself, but the Flexible Loan definitely gives you the most freedom! With the Flexible Loan, besides financing your car, you can also fund short trips and holidays and even your renovation work too!

A flexible loan is available to you for small amounts starting from $5,000 and upwards with approvals that go through faster than your typical loan applications. From the very next day, you can receive the money that you need to go on that beach holiday that you’re been looking forward to, or perhaps provide you with the funds that you need to replace your washing machine.

With so much wiggle room, we can even advise you on how to use a Flexible Loan for debt consolidation so that your repayments on a monthly basis can be collated and simplified, making it easy for you to manage your commitments at a lower interest rate!

Our tenure options range from 24 to 84 months, so you can clear your loans as quick or as slowly as you need to without having to worry about too much pressure too. You can really customise the Flexible Loan to meet your requirements whichever way you need!

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Why Choose Us?

Personal Funding

Funding your car with a personal loan can be an easy and accessible way to own your new car.

Personal Funding

Personal FundingHaving the money that you need to bring your car home is as easy as a personal loan! The Smarter Finance Company is able to help you apply for and secure a loan for your new or used car from a multitude of financial institutions near you! Let us work out the details and finalise the figures so that you can find a personal loan that matches your needs and help you to get one step closer to owning your very own vehicle!

Secure a Loan even with Bad Credit History

Let us help you work a plan out so that you can still get the funds that you need

Secure a Loan even with Bad Credit History

Secure a Loan even with Bad Credit HistoryWhen it comes to getting a loan secured, the likelihood of getting one approved drops when your credit rating does! However, you can count on The Smarter Finance Company to sort you out! Besides helping you to source and settle a financing plan for your new car, we are also familiar with the processes on how to improve your credit rating over time, so let us help you improve your situation!

Faster Approvals

When you have all your documentation ready, we can help you get your loan secured faster!

Faster Approvals

Faster ApprovalsGetting approvals for your loan applications is that much simpler if you have your documentation all ready for submission. Most of the requirements are straightforward – proper identification, credit history and income verifications, so you can actually get your loans approved really quickly if you go through the right channels! And The Smarter Finance Company can be that for you – we are experienced in helping our customers secure their loans with pre approvals! Find out more today!

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