The Smarter Finance Company specialises in helping clients get great car finance deals in both their financing plans and in their insurance coverage too, so we know a lot about what happens from the moment that you drive that car home. Trust us, getting into an accident is no joke – a lot of people are hurt and the financial issues that arise from an unexpected collision can be devastating! Take some advice from us and STAY SAFE!

1) Don’t Drink and Drive
There are laws that tell you this, your parents most definitely tell you not to drink even when you’re not driving, but somehow, there are still so many accidents that happen because someone is drunk at the wheel! Even if you alcohol counts under the limit, there is a chance that your judgement is impaired and your reflexes are dulled due to the drink, not to mention what happens when you’re tipsy or drunk to the point of seeing double or blacking out! Play it safe and protect yourself and others on the road – take a cab or get a designated driver to bring you home if you’re out drinking!

2) Stay Focused
It’s easy to get distracted in the car, especially since the advent of mobile technology. Checking your phone for messages or answering calls, putting on makeup, checking out things not on the road like a hot girl or reading advertisements off the freeway, even changing the radio station… These all can play a part in taking your attention off the road, and so many things can happen in that split second. In addition, children and pets can also be potentially distracting in the car, so do ensure that they are safely strapped in and secured when you’re on the move.

3) Don’t drive when you’re Sleepy
Similar to our previous point, if you find yourself nodding off or spacing out, pull over to the side of the road and take a time out. We know that sometimes the demands of the real world can be overwhelming, whether you didn’t get a good night’s rest or perhaps you’re on medication, these could cause you to be at less than your best. But when you’re out on the road, that state that you’re in can lead to a fatal accident. Sleep well and drink a coffee, or at worst, get a friend to drive you so that you don’t risk getting into trouble!

4) Keep Cool
Last but not least, stay calm in the face of frustration! Getting angry at the guy who cut into your line or the lady who didn’t give way to you will also not only make your blood pressure rise, it can lead to a lapse in judgement and may cause you to act rashly either to get back at that offending driver or to pay to forward to someone else. Flashing your lights, beeping your horn or even gesturing at others on the road can cause them to want to lash out at you too! We hear about too many cases of road rage these days, so don’t become a statistic!

What happens when someone gets into an accident can be very scary, not only for the driver and his passengers, but for their family and friends too. It takes just a little conscientiousness to be safe when you get in your car so be safe, for yourself and others around you!