When you’re driving on the road, the last thing you’d expect is for engine trouble or a blown tire. Having to call in roadside assistance, a cab or a friend to rescue you off the road isn’t anybody’s idea of a fun time either! So what you can do to minimise the chances of this happening, is to perform some simple checks on your car every once in a while or every time before you set off if you can afford the time! It might not only save you a huge inconvenience, but prevent a huge accident from happening too!

Exterior – Checking the outside of the car for leaks is a good way to start looking for potential issues. Leaking fluid could be indicative of brake or steering issues. You should also have a good luck at your tires to make sure that they are properly inflated and that the treads are not too worn down. You can check that your spare tire is also in order too! In addition, give your mirrors, windows and windshields a quick check to make sure that you get good visibility and if there are any big cracks or dings, do arrange to get them fixed!

Engine – Another simple check you can do is with the fluid and oil in the engine. Making sure that you have sufficient brake, power steering and coolant fluids as well as any other fluids that your car might need is important because the car needs these to run smoothly. It’s good to also have the batteries tested once in a while or when you go in for your scheduled maintenances so that you don’t have to worry about it dying on your when you’ve driven out to somewhere!

Signals and Lights – Your signals and lights are crucial parts of your car, especially when you’re driving! Without these in working order, we’re certain that if an accident doesn’t happen, you’re sure to get a lot of dirty looks from people who are getting cut off when you don’t indicate that you’re changing lanes. Get someone to stand behind your car when you switch on your indicators and apply your brakes. Switch into reverse gear too to ensure that those in addition to your headlights are working. Your wipers should also be in good order too!

Interior – You might want to have a look into your back seat before you drive off just in case something or someone might be hiding there. Thieves and homeless sometime take residence in the backseat and get startled when the car starts with them still inside! If there ever was a reason to start your car and check if BEFORE you drive off, this would be it! Give your car a chance to warm up too so that you can see how it reads on the gauges behind your steering wheel too. It will also give the car a chance to cool down or warm up too so that you can get comfortable and your windows can have a chance to defog or defrost.

Do bear in mind that sometimes, a little car trouble is unavoidable. Perhaps the car has gotten old or wear and tear happens that only a qualified mechanic might be able to help you fix. For all these times, The Smarter Finance Company has hooked a lot of customers up with a reliable roadside assistance company so that in the event that something does happen, there’ll always be somebody reliable that you can call up for help!