When it comes to finalising the details for financing a new car, it’s not only the car financing issues that you need to be wary of. There are lots of situations before you sign the contract that may lead you to pay a higher price for your car. We know of some of these tricks and want to share them with you because while we’re here to help you finance your car, we don’t want you to get fleeced in the process!

Negotiate the Final Price
Don’t get suckered into a round robin of price negotiations. Decide how much you should spend on the car and tell the dealer that that is how much you are willing to spen, no more and no less. Chances are that once they’ve given you a price, they will try to offer you extra features and services and say that it “wasn’t included in the original discussion”. Be firm and let them know that you do not want to go above and beyond your budget.

Expect Sales Tactics
The main job of the salesperson is to bring home the bacon for the company. There are targets which need to be met and sales means income. While not all sales people are out to fleece you, they might hard sell you their wares, guilt trip you into thinking that you need to take an offer “while stocks last” or “only valid for today” or play up on your emotions to get you to sign the contract before walking out of there! Be prepared for all sorts of tricks so that you won’t get sidelined into a purchase you’re not prepared for.

Make the Most of your Quotations
Don’t just stick to one dealership when you’re looking for the best car deal. Compare deals across dealerships in your area and get the best price out of all of them. Most dealerships will know that you’re looking for a good price and will try their best to give you something that will entice you to complete the sale with them. It doesn’t hurt to tell them that you’re shopping around, that might help you shave off some more dollars off the final prices! Be sure to mention that you want a firm figure including all taxes and add-ons!

Trying to shop around for a good price on your car can be quite stressful – there are a lot of areas that require research and knowing about the motor trade industry helps! That’s why The Smarter Finance Company is able to help you get the best car deals around. Come to us to compare deals and get the best car finance rates in town!