Keeping your car in good shape is not only a good habit but can be life-saving in terms of the car’s safety and performance on the road. There are so many things that go on inside and outside of the car that we can’t quite cover all the bases here, but we’d like to share with you the basics of what you can do to ensure that your car is at its best in between its regular maintenance schedule.

Exterior– On the outside of your car, your tyres and windows should be well taken care of. Make sure that your tyres are balanced and properly inflated. You can make use of the air pump at the gas station to keep them at the proper pressure. Check them once in a while to ensure that the treads are still visible because those treads help give your vehicle traction on different terrain. At the same time, make sure that your windshield, windows and mirrors are clean and give you clear vision and look specifically for cracks or damage and get them replaced if so.

Interior– Giving your car a quick clean on the inside is important too because dirt and dust can get tracked into the seats or worse if you eat and drink in your car. Sending your car to get vacuumed or to properly clean up the upholstery once a year or more frequently, would be a good idea. Other features of the car that add and maintain value include the radio and satellite navigation system and any other technology that comes inside the cabin of the vehicle.

Engine – The engine is the soul of your car and without an engine in proper shape, your drive isn’t going to go very well! Learn how to keep the oil and fluid levels under the hood at their optimum level and take note of the readings on your instrument panel so that if there are any issues or is something looks out of place, you can bring your car in for a check before problems get worse!

Finances – At The Smarter Finance Company, we’ve helped a lot of our customers ensure that they aren’t overpaying or working themselves into debt paying for their car! What with all the servicing and maintenance fees, it’s important to have a healthy bank account balance just in case something does happen! Speak with a professional consultant to ensure that you’ve compared all the best car finance deals and have the right insurance coverage in place so that you have the ability to send your car for fixing as soon as anything happens and prevent any damage from getting worse!

If you perform these routine checks and quick fixes regularly, you can recognize if there are any issues and you can avoid any major disasters, like your engine overheating or your tyres blowing out. And if you need any help with the financing issues of it all, you know where to find us!