Maintenance is mandatory for every vehicle when it hits certain mileage numbers so that it runs smoothly and at its peak. But maintenance charges can be expensive. Here are some things that you can do so that you won’t be slapped with a huge bill when you send your car in for servicing every once in a while!

Routine maintenance
The first thing that you need to do, if you’re not doing anything else, is to make sure that you are bringing your car for regular routine maintenance! If you don’t have the time to look at and tune up your car, or perhaps if you don’t know how, then at the very least, you need to make sure that somebody else does! When you send your car to your dealership workshop, they will inform you when the next scheduled maintenance will be. You just need to keep to your appointment!

Find a good mechanic
When you bring your car for a tune-up, it’s important to make sure that the workshop you’ve decided to go to employs reliable and trustworthy mechanics. There are good and bad eggs, but you wouldn’t want an amateur or a lazy mechanic to play around with the machine that literally holds your life in the balance! If you are looking for an alternative workshop from your dealership or don’t have a trusted workshop that you can go to, check reviews and recommendations or ask your friends for their contacts.

Know what to Look Out for!
Starting with the basics, all you need to do is have a under the hood. There are simple tutorials online, or perhaps you can grab a friend to show you how to do it the first time, but find out what to do and what to look for so that you are aware of what a minor versus a major engine problem looks like! Keeping fluid levels in check is a pretty basic place to start and ensuring that you have sufficient reserves of engine oil, transmission and brake fluid, coolant and even windshield washing solution can help prevent bigger issues later on.

Take care of your tyres
Along with regular checks of the suspension and balance, it’s as important to ensure that your tyres are inflated to the right pressure so that you’ll have the best performance from them while on the road. Too much air can make it harder to brake and too little will lead to a busted tyre on the road. Most petrol kiosks are equipped with an air pump and it’s as easy as setting the pressure level that you need to getting your types into shape, literally! In addition, check the tyre treads once in a while to make sure that you have enough traction, especially during colder months when the roads may be more slippery.

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