Insurance can make the difference between an empty wallet and a huge relief. And since we at The Smarter Finance Company hope that you won’t have to find out what that difference is, we’d like to help you make sure that the insurance you need is put in place! Here you can find out how to make sure that you get sufficient car insurance…

Buy an Affordable Car – An expensive car needs expensive insurance! Especially in the case of sports models and utility vehicles which are expected to suffer from a little bit more than the usual driving wear and tear due to the way and location they are driven. A regular or compact car with a lower engine capacity would definitely be cheaper to insure than a more sleek and costly model!

Figure out what you Need – There are a lot of options for insurance coverage but generally there is a minimum requirement by law that each car owner needs to have in place. A comprehensive car insurance policy will be a good mid range level of coverage for you after which you can opt for roadside insurance, tyre and rim insurance or even windshield cover if you can afford it.

Compare Car Insurance Rates – This may seem like a given, but don’t take for granted that you need to request for quotes from the different car insurance companies! Quotations take a day or two to come in, but once you have the figures, you’ll be able to pick the numbers that fit the best to your budget. You may want to look at reviews for the different insurance companies too to see how they have handled car claims in the past. You don’t want a company that will make it difficult for you after an accident!

Look for Discounts – You’d be surprised at how many offers there are for car insurance. Besides opting for packages, you may also look at taking driver’s education or defensive driving courses to qualify for some additional price cuts! Sometimes if you have multiple policies from the same insurance company, you can get more discounts that way too!

Manage your Excess – You can only claim from your insurance policy if the claim amount exceeds the excess level, so if you want to be fully protected, normally you’d opt for a lower excess amount. But of course that would cost more money. Balance your excess level and premium level to something that you can afford so that you won’t stranded having to pay a huge bill before your insurance kicks in.

Drive Carefully! – If you’ve been a safe driver, it’s more likely that you’ll get a lower insurance quote because insurance companies award no claim bonuses as a stackable percentage for every year that you go claim-free! That means remembering everything you learn in driver’s class – check your blind spots, buckle up and drive within the speed limit amongst other traffic rules that you should be following as a default!

In addition to these steps, you can ask for help to ensure that you get the best car insurance rates around. If you are on the search for competitive car finance deals and car insurance rates, we can help you! Give us a call to speak to our finance consultants today!