Although we are the foremost expert on all things involving car financing, The Smarter Finance Company can also help you with more than just the car finance bits of getting your new or used car home. Whether you are buying a car for the first time or are a seasoned driver, finalising the ownership of your vehicle can be complicated. We know how to work around all the administrative processes and get all the necessary paper work in order quicker for you so that you won’t have any delays once you’ve got your car finance plan into place.

That includes items like insurance and road tax, registrations and all other sorts of filing points. If you are a business or corporate customer, then you will want to find out more about the financial implications on your business as well. But worry not. We’ll be able to guide you through every step of the way so that you’ll have everything in order to get back in operation without having to worry about any loose ends. Leave it to us!

We are also in contact with a large if not the greatest collection of other financial services providers so we can get you connected to cost-efficient insurance, warranty extension and road assistance services too. If you have any questions about the smooth and uneventful ownership of a car or other vehicle, then you’ve definitely come to the right place when you approach The Smarter Finance Company for help with all of your car ownership needs!

Asset protection insurance for you and a sense of assurance

Asset protection provides you with additional coverage above basic automobile policies. This is especially necessary should you ever fall into a costly unwanted scenario on the road.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection and You

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Car Insurance for Newbies – Tyre & Rim Insurance

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Car Insurance for Newbies – Warranties and Extensions

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Car Insurance for Newbies – Guaranteed Asset Protection

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How to Check your Car before Driving

Performing some simple checks can save you from getting stranded on the road!

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How to Protect your Car

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How to keep Your Car in Good Shape

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How Much is a Car REALLY Going to Cost you?

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