There are just so many options out there, how is it possible to choose which car to choose or even comparing car finance rates? The Smarter Finance Company knows that purchasing a new or used car can be quite a long process, so we’re going to highlight some factors that you might want to take a look at if you’re out on the market shopping for a vehicle!

Finding out about the Car
This is the fun part! Finding out about the different types of cars can open up a whole new world of technical and performance details that you didn’t really know about! It’s important to look at cars in this level of detail though because a new or used vehicle is meant to last you a number of years, so of course you should pick one that lasts!

You should:-
• Visit manufacturer’s websites to find out about the make and model of the car
• Look for car forums to discuss pros and cons about different brands and models – you would be able to find out a lot about what’s good and what’s not about a particular car
• View professional reviews and videos to see how the vehicle compares to others – videos can be very helpful to understand the feel of a car and for a third person’s perspective
• Go to the showrooms and speak to knowledgeable sales people about the features and options
• Ask friends if they own a model which you’re eyeing if you can test drive their car for a few days
• If you are looking at a used car, make sure to find out about the mileage and if about maintenance history and ask for detailed history so that you can see if there are any issues before you look at purchasing it

Finding out about Prices
Looking at car prices might not be as fun, but there are a lot of knowledgeable car financing professionals who might be able to provide you a lending hand in comparing and quoting car finance plans on top of retail values of vehicles with some of their partners. You should of course also look at different areas to get the most robust and reliable information. You can start here:-
• Looking at different dealerships in different areas will of course give you different price ranges. Dealerships in more out of town areas may be considerably cheaper, even after you include shipping costs
• Check out online dealerships too. These days there are many companies that make use of the internet to put their product range up on the market and it saves you the travelling time to visit all the different locations

You should in addition also ensure that you check out different banks and lending institutions and try to restrict the quotation period to a 2 week period so that the rates will be comparable against each other for that time.

Remember to confirm your information whenever you can, more people in agreement or more consensus on the going rate will only strengthen your case for a particular model. But however you may be researching, you should start with one aspect first and then the other. While price might affect what car you are able to buy, and what car type you drive makes an effect on its price, taking things one step at a time will help you to ensure that you pick a car that you like AND can afford instead of one of the other!