The Car
audi-a1-sportback-17The Audi A1 is part of a “supermini” class of cars but it retains a lot of the Audi luxury in its stylings. You’ll be happy to know that with the badge, it retains its value well, and with its sleek looks and modern exterior, it’s a very pretty car to drive. There are a number of materials and colours that you can choose from to personalise your ride, and you’ll like that you can opt for a 5-door sportback version instead of the 3-door hatch if you need a bit more space.

You’ll get 5 full stars of safety with 6 airbags, anti-lock-brakes, electronic stability control, Secondary Collision Brake Assist.

The Drive
You won’t have to worry too much about driving quality when it comes to the A1. Its steering is responsive and suspension may be a bit firm. It’ll be fun to drive the car, but if you don’t like suspension set like this, you’ll feel uncomfortable when you start hitting bumps. The electromechanical steering is speed-sensitive though and it helps the amount of feedback you get in different road conditions.

The dynamic handling system signature of Audi cars is included in the sport line so that you can vary the effects of the accelerator pedal, steering assist, climate control and cruise control system. You’ll also find the cabin quiet and comfortable too, as is the promise of an expensive car badge. One thing we found frustrating was the lack of USB connectivity. Instead if you want to play your own tunes, you’ll have to use Audi’s own music interface which can be irritating to deal with when you’re trying to get into your groove when in your car. Small pet peeve, but we thought we’d tell you anyway.

The Interior
Again, you’ll get quality for the price that you pay and soft touch plastics are all over the interior, with leather wraps around the steering wheel and good quality dials and controls. The wheel is adjustable, as is the driver’s seat and like we mentioned, there are lots of choices and options that you can pick to customise your A1 just the way you like, at a price of course.

It is a bit tight for space though and the rear passengers may find their knees banging. Even if you’re driving the 5 door option, it can be quite hard to clamber in the back. Boot space is decent at 270 litres but the 4WD option will decrease your boot space by 60 litres. Good news is that the rear seats can be folded down to bring the capacity up to 920 litres if you need the extra space for carrying but you’ll have to deal with the rear bumper which may restrict the ease of sliding things in.

You can’t beat the quality that you get with Audi, and the drive is definitely top-notch too. There are lots of options for the person who loves to personalise his car but of course everything comes with a cost that not everyone can afford. You can start looking at car finance options though and perhaps with a good car finance rate, that A1 might still be in your grasp!