The Car
audi-a1-sportback-17The Audi A1 looks strangely familiar, and it does look rather like its big brother – the Audi A3, but a little smaller. It has its own allure though, and you’ll see that its grille, lighting and overall stylistics are decidedly Audi in its own special way. There are three tiers of the A1 and the size of your wheels get bigger as you go up, as well as a host of other (pretty expensive) options to boot.

The standard kit offers you alloy wheels, digital radio, a 6.5-inch display screen, air-conditioning, electric windows all-round and heated electric mirrors as well as a 5 ANCAP safety rating from its 6 airbags, ABS, brake assist, traction and stability controls.

The Drive
The A1 is classed as a supermini vehicle, compact but with a punch, and we’d say that it performs the best in the city. It makes for good steering and handling because of its size and we loved parking in it because the car was easy to squeeze into almost any lot you have the good fortune to spot. Its low weight also helps it with agility when it comes to turning corners and coupled with the evenly-weighted steering, it’s a pleasure to drive around town.

On the highways and out of the crowded roads, there are a number of driving modes you can select. There is a bit of road and suspension feedback but faint and not something that overpowers your ride experience. At the same time you have the standard electronic differential, which can help you boost the car’s grip when you need it.

The Interior
Stemming from a brand like Audi, it’s not hard to imagine a high quality interior on this mini sportsback. The dashboard in particularly is immaculate and adorned with a three-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel, you can feel the luxury oozing through the A1’s pores. The air-vent sleeves, are also notable because they can be customised to your favourite colour, but even in standard high-gloss black, they look pretty fine to us!

The seats themselves have a lot of options for adjustment so you can be assured you’ll find a comfortable position for yourself. The windows are big and clear and you’ll get excellent vision. The seats are spacious enough but with the sloping roof, the back cabin may be a little tight on head room. You’ll not want to be sitting behind if there’s a long journey ahead either because the seats can be a little too upright for your liking.

The A1 comes from a reputable brand and with that, some pretty high standards when it comes to the engine and the interior to back up the mini sportswagon. But with the badge comes a cost, literally. The A1 doesn’t come cheap so you may want to plan your car finance carefully before you make your decision. It’s also a little on the small side on the back, so best for people who don’t have a large family.