Audi-A5-SedanThe Car
The Audi A5 is a lovely luxury car that comes in a saloon, cabriolet, coupe or sportback specification and to be frank, it’s almost just like the A4 except a bit smarter, lighter and more efficient not to mention, with a sexier shape to boot. All these little changes from the A4 makes the A5 a bit more exciting on the road and of course makes it more desirable AND expensive in comparison.

The latest iteration comes with so much tech and so many frills for example auto climate control with dual temperature zones, power front seats, 18Inch allloy wheels, adjustable steering wheel – tilt & telescopic, cruise control, leather steering wheel with multi function, phone connectivity, parking control, power steering…. It’s no wonder you’re paying the amount you’re paying right?

Because the car is marketed in the luxury segment, it doesn’t have an ANCAP rating, but you can bet that coming from Audi, the car is as safe as you can get – front and side airbags plus electronic stability control are standard, and tons of other safety-related options are available too.

The Drive
The Audi is a really modern car with lots of tech (as we have mentioned) to enhance your driving experience. The drive select modes can truly change the way your car handles, especially if you have the CDC adaptive dampers fitted. Flip on the Dynamic mode to really experience what the A5 has to offer.

Being an all-wheel drive car gives the car a lot of control on any road surface and steering is direct and responsive. The engine gives you an amazing growl when you start it up, but the sound doesn’t over power when you bring the A5 up to speed when you’re on open road. You can definitely get a thrill by opening up the engine, within safe speed limits of course.

There isn’t much for us to complain about when it comes to the A5. Audi has always had a good track record with its engineering and the A5 is no exception.

The Interior
Again being in the luxury segment, you can expect the interior of the car to look good too. A huge 8.3-inch infotainment screen is probably the first thing you’ll see. The material in here is top notch and very refined as well. The controls and displays are also not too ostentatious that they would be distracting when you’re driving too.

The seats are comfortable and supportive and there is a fair amount of storage in the cabin for both the front seat passengers and those in the rear. Of course there is less space when it comes to the Coupe or Cabriolet options, but you get a decent 480 litres of space which expands when the back seats are folded down in the case of the sportback.

You can’t go wrong with the A5 if you’re looking for a stylish ride with a great driving experience. It is obviously going to cost a pretty penny though so it’s a good idea to start exploring your options to get guaranteed car finance now so that you can work out the best options to bring this car home!