Our car finance company took the Audi Q3 out for a spin. Here’s what we thought!

The Car
audi-q3-4The Audi Q3 is a recently revamped mini SUV from the Audi range. By our count, it fits very nicely above the A3 range in terms of height and size, but a little under the Q5s. It comes as a hatchback vehicle but with a sporty boost so that it classifies as an SUV. It’s currently the smallest Audi 4×4.

It comes very well equipped, much like other cars from Audi – even the entry level Q3s will come with start/stop technology as well as 17-inch allow wheels. It will also come chock full of technology and safety features like climate and cruise control, as well as automatic wipers, lights and parking assistance sensors and cameras.

The original A3 was already the highest ranked Audi in the Auto Express Driver Power satisfaction survey in 2015 so you can expect to have it pretty good when it comes to safety and reliability if you drive a Q3. And of course, it comes with a 5-star ANCAP rating so you can feel confident to put your family into one of these vehicles.

The Interior
The Audi Q3 only comes as a 5-door, 5-seater car. But you get a nice and high seating position which gives you an excellent view of the road and your surroundings. But the same time, the interior of the Audi Q3 is actually pretty typical Audi. Nothing much exciting going on here in comparison to the other models – which means you get pretty plush seats – the sports seats in particular are actually pretty comfortable.

There are some issues with where all the controls are placed though. We found that the angle of the steering wheel is a little bit off for us. It felt a little bit awkward. And while the dials and layout of all the gauges are pretty much unchanged, we found that the combination of it all is a bit odd, in particular the switches behind the gear stick.

But there is plenty of space, adults can sit quite comfortably in the rear cabin but with the 3rd in the centre a bit constricted by the centre console which might cut down the amount of legroom he or she will get. You’ll get Isofix child mounting points if you need to put a baby seat in. The boot space is pretty decent too at 460 litres of capacity.

The Drive
The Q3 comes with the option of a 2-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive feature and all the available engine types come with the choice of a 6-speed manual or 7-speed twin-clutch S-tronic automatic transmission. But while the Audi Q3 is pegged as an SUV, unfortunately we were very disappointed with the lack of sportiness. We went in expecting a better acceleration and torque but were left wanting after driving the car.

In terms of comfort, the drive is quiet and pleasant, since the car interior is built for that, and there is a fair amount of agility when you are on the normal mode. Coupled with the dimensions of the car, we felt like we were handling a hatchback rather than an SUV. But it really isn’t as powerful as it makes itself out to be and if you wanted to take the Q3 off-road, we think you’d be better off with a bigger model.

As a typical Audi car, you’ll be granted a pretty good level of quality in its look and feel but we find that it’s not something very outstanding, merely a car that fills a gap in between other models of the A3. Like we said, it’s just a little more here and a little less there so that it ends up being a hatchback on steroids – which could be perfect for you, if you’re looking for something Audi but with a bit more power than the average hatchback.

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