The Car
BMW-3-SeriesThe 3-series is a staple in the BMW line-up, it has been around for the last 4 decades and is still a popular favourite in the market for a sleep and solid performance vehicle. With the latest revamp of the 3-series, you’ll see BMW going back to its roots and focusing on the engine beneath the hood and that is some good news for potential customers here in Australia as is the condition-based service packages which allow owners to manage their servicing needs from BMW.

The 3-series can get you from 0 to 100km/h in 5.9 seconds with an eight-speed transmission and you can get up to 1700 kilograms or towing capacity if you needed it. The new 3-series will also come with some additions that you’ll be happy with like a reversing camera and adaptive M suspension. The changes to the damping technology and steering and the standard kit is a pretty decent set-up since sat nav is included on all models too.

The Drive
The 3-series ranks very highly when it comes to performance and handling and it’s partly due to its rear wheel drive. The options for steering and gearboxes are also good; the 18 inch wheels will give you a comfortable ride and of course the suspension and grip of the car in addition to its light steering will make you absolutely gleeful when you take a spin on curvy roads.

As we mentioned, the changes to the damping technology as well as the steering come into play a lot and you can definitely feel the difference if you’ve tried previous versions of the 3-series. We highly recommend that you splurge on those adaptive dampers so that you benefit from the additional control you get from it – potholes and bumps and any other abnormalies on the road are quickly forgotten.

The Interior
You won’t be disappointed with a BMW vehicle in terms of its interior, and your 3-series will come with the classy interior that you expect too. Besides the sat nav on a colour screen on the centre console, the three-spoke leather steering wheel will also continue to lend the 3-series a luxurious quality. The dashboard is well-thought out and placement is logical such that it complements what the driver needs. Dials and controls are angled towards the driver so that ventilation, access and the general feel of it all shows that this car was geared towards satisfying its owner.

The latest model for the 3 series is also expanded in terms of head and leg-room but of course being a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the back-centre passenger will have to compromise a little. Boot space is generous at 480 litres, but if you need a bit more, be prepared to pay a bit more for split-folding rear seats.

BMW has made the 3-series easy to drive and affordable to upkeep, but be prepared to pay for the brand and the experience that comes with it. With The Smarter Finance Company, you don’t have to worry too much about the costs because we can help you work out the best car financing options for you. So just focus on test-driving one and deciding for yourself if this is the car for you!