The Car
BMW-4-SeriesThe BMW 4-series marks the brands range of coupes and convertibles. The cars are generally similar to the 3-series saloon cars, but comes with sportier handling and of course they look more sleek too, thanks to the removal of the 2 rear doors. You can get the 4-series in 3 trims – the convertible, the Gran Coupe and the Gran Coupe Hatchback.

The convertible of the 4-series range is quite heavy due to the convertible metal roof but it provides a fair bit more security over other rivals that make use of fabric. But the extra weight makes the car a lot heavier than the coupe and a bit less fun to drive, not that it really matters when the top is down and you can feel the wind in your hair. That being said, in essence, the BMW engine is pretty good on its own as it is and you won’t really find the drive very much compromised.

The range of cars comes with rear-wheel drive as standard, xDrive four-wheel-drive comes as an option and a fair amount of equipment – DAB digital radio, leather seats, bright xenon headlights, heated seats sat nav, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth phone connectivity, cruise control, and rear parking sensors.

The Drive
The BMW 4-series is a pretty smooth and classy ride. It’s comfortable on the road and the seats provide the kind of support that you would expect from a brand of this calibre. Just take note that the bigger the wheels you’re going to get, the more bumps and holes in the road you’ll feel.

The Gran Coupe is the heaviest car of the lot behind the convertible, but with the 4 wheel drive option installed, it handles corners and gives you lots of grip. To be honest, it feels more like a big saloon than a sports car. Again, the roof of the convertible makes the convertible option the least fun to drive of the range – performance and handling and not as sporty as you’d expect and you’ll get more body leaning in comparison to the others in the range. Acceleration is also slightly compromised due to the heavy weight.

The Interior
You’ll get plenty of space up front whichever trip you opt for. The drivers seats come heated and with lots of options to adjust their position so you can get comfortable. And that includes being able to slide forward and back to make it easier to get into the back too. Obviously if you’ve opted for 4 doors, that won’t be a problem at all. The back seats at the sides are decently comfortable but you’d be better off discounting the middle back seat for anybody larger than a child. All that said, once you open up the roof, nobody will be complaining about being cramped at all!

BMW’s iDrive infotainment system and dashboard are well put together and easy to use. The materials used here are exceptional – nothing to complain about here. The convertible trim sacrifices some boot space for the foldable roof, but you’ll get 480 litres of boot space in all the other models.

The BMW 4-series offers you a pretty ride with a quiet interior and secure drive with its high quality build and sturdy metal roof. It won’t feel too much like a sports cars, but you will get the look that you want if you opt for it! Why not start comparing your car finance options with us while you make up your mind if this is the car that you’re looking for?