The Car
BMW-5-SeriesThe BMW 5 Series offers customers a huge range of engines and lots of equipment for a lower price, making this executive saloon one of the top picks for the segment in the market. The base level 5-series will come with new tail-lights, wing mirrors, a new grille trim and interior touches, not to mention 18-inch alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, LED foglights, Dakota leather is standard, woodgrain, internet connectivity, gearshift paddles, rear-view camera, selectable driving modes, a premium sound system and electric seat adjustment, depending on which level of trim you pick. And of course, with the airbags, tyre-pressure monitoring, ISOFIX child-seat mounting points, stability control and anti-lock brakes, you’ll get the full 5 stars on the ANCAP safety rating scale.

If you do want to add on more to your car, it can get expensive fast, but if you absolutely had to get more features, we’d say the adaptive suspension is worth looking at because of the way it will improve your driving like you can’t believe in terms of better comfort when you’re out on the road.

The Drive
There aren’t many areas to pick at when it comes to the 5-series. It’s quiet whether on the small roads or on the highway, the steering is well balanced to give you confidence in controlling and handling and the brakes are responsive too. The suspension is a little firm and you may feel the bumps and potholes a little more than you should considering how big the wheels actually are, but like we mentioned, the adaptive drive upgrade will give you adaptive dampers to really change the game on the road.

The dashboard and other technology controls and dials are all angled ergonomically towards the driver and it’s easy enough to scroll through the different menus. The latest models make it easier for you to get around the sat nav system too and it takes little work to get used to how things operate in the cockpit.

The Interior
The quality in a BMW is unrivalled, but we think that it’s an acquired taste, considering how dark and black everything is in there. BMW also prides itself on giving its driver a real experience when they sit in there, so the software and controls are all built around just that. The seats are slung lot, but with enough options for adjustments for you to get comfortable whatever your preferences may be. The rear is wide enough for 3 but of course, the middle passenger will need to squeeze in a little due to the transmission tunnel. Otherwise, head and legroom are decent enough.

The 5 Series comes with a big 520-litre boot but you may have to worry about the lip of the boot that might make it a little bit more difficult to get things loaded in.

The 5-series is a great car to drive with lots of space in size no matter how big your family is or isn’t. There is a lot of equipment that comes with the 5-series to give you a better value for your money in comparison to previous versions, but you’ll have to be careful to stick to your budget when you peek at the options list! For extra items, you may want to research your car financing options so you don’t have to compromise on getting the things you want!