If you’re in the market for a new car, have a read about the Ford Ranger before you go looking for car finance deals!

The Car
ford-rangerThe Ford Ranger has recently got a huge technological upgrade and boasts a ton of new features like the lane departure warning and steering assistance as well as cruise control with gap-assistance so you maintain a distance away from the car in front of you. And for all these new safety add-ons, it is perfect for all sorts of uses from work to the family and more.
The Ford Ranger come with the options Regular Cab, Double Cab and Super Cab versions of the Ranger with the Double Cab being the most friendly to carrying passengers or your family since its seats are the most formed and the space in the cabin is the most generous. Like most utility vehicles, there is also a Chassis Cab version for tradies and other business purposes.

Besides that, it’s a pretty utilitarian vehicle, with not much by the way of looks, but it was constructed with off-roading and heavy duty carrying in mind and can carry pretty heavy loads, up to several tonnes while maintaining a pretty good stability when you need to go onto more rugged terrain. So for that, the Ranger marks as a pretty good power vehicle to look at if you want something for commercial purposes.

The Drive
As a utility vehicle, you’ll get stability and excellent handling. We found it easy to steer and control the car but of course since the focus is on working heavy loads and pulling, you’ll have to compromise on speed and agility. That being said, the car itself is more like a car rather than a utility vehicle and you will still enjoy your drive whether on the highways or in the city.

In particular, you’ll want to look at the four wheel drive version of the Ford Ranger to see just what it can do off-road. There are some new technologies put in to really help it chug along on no matter what terrain you get into. For example, electric power steering which can help a lot with parking and slope descent assistance so you can traverse steep slopes with no issue at all.

At the same time, we found the ride pretty pleasant with the new injectors installed in the Ford Ranger. Coupled with the sound insulation around the body of the car – in the doors, under the body and through the roof, we were very happy with the nice hum when we were riding around in it.

The Interior
Again, the Ford Ranger is more of a workhorse than a comfort vehicle, so all the standard trim and fittings have more of a solid and sturdy feel rather than focusing on the overall looks. But they balance utility and functionality with a utilitarian look and while the cabin won’t look luxurious, it is pleasing enough on the eye.
Space for passengers are generous both in front and in the rear cabin and you can fit 5 adults comfortably. There is a lot of storage cubbies for you to put drinks, documents or whatever else you may have – the glove compartment can fit an iPad or laptop with ease. You’ll also be able to squeeze things under the seat if you need more storage.

We found the Ford Ranger fantastic for hauling and load lifting since the vehicle itself is a fantastic utility vehicle. With its engines and power capacity, you can easily take this baby for work and even off road if you need to. It might not be as suitable as a family vehicle since it can be a bit lumbering and difficult to park given its size. The Smarter Finance Company always advises our customers to bring their car of choice on a test drive before they start looking at car finance rates and making a decision though, so if you’re looking at the Ranger for yourself, you should really try to take the tour of the different terrain to see how you feel.