The Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular Honda models. Read on to find out more about the car before you finalise your car finance figures.

The Car
Honda-OdysseyThe Smarter Finance team really loves the Honda Odyssey minivan, it’s really exactly what a lot of families could ask for since it is a pretty stylish model considering the reputation that people-movers have. Parents don’t have to worry about trading design or performance when they look at buying a car that will suit the family anymore!

The car comes with dark trimmed headlights, LED tail lights, new wheels and a pretty sharp fascia, hood, grille and zig-zagged curves on its body. At the same time, there are a lot of technological additions to the Odyseey including a new infotainment system complete with touchscreen and with advanced connectivity so that you can get Bluetooth phone connection and of course have your music streamed in too. You also get not one, but 2 USB ports and HDMI input so you can definitely keep your kids busy when you’re on the move.

The Drive
The Odyssey comes with a pretty decent engine and you can get pretty good speed and power when you’re on open road Even at its size, the acceleration is more than acceptable but you can feel it struggling a little when you are shifting down a gear or two, pretty normal amongst big cars at this size really and nothing much you can do when you need a bigger vehicle.

All that being said, the Odyssey still takes corners and bumps well. It remains comfortable for passengers and steering and handling are responsive, as are the brakes. Of course, parking might seem to be an issue seeing as how it has a longer body, but with a reverse camera as well as a 360-degree parking camera, another 3 more cameras in the front and the sides, AND an automatic parking system which takes care of both reverse and parallel parking, you really don’t need to worry too much about that!

The Interior
Now here’s the big draw of the Odyssey – made to carry up to 8 passengers, you can be sure that the interior of the car is done up in a way that provides comfort over aesthetics. With dual sliding doors to make is easier for kids or old folk to get in and our as well as numerous ways of arranging the seats in the rear cabin, you can configure the seating layout in the car just how you like. The seats are roomy both in the second and the third and there is plenty of room for whoever may be hitching a ride with you.

With the third row seats also folded down, the total amount of cargo space is the most enviable of all the minivans that we know of, but you may want to get some extra help if you’re thinking of changing configurations because those chairs can be quite heavy and tough to shift around.

And of course, as we’ve mentioned, the car is great for not just the passengers but the driver too! The seat adjustments work just as they need to and the gauges and dials at the center stack and dash are placed just right. There is also a second central display for all your gadgets and gizmos like your audio and phone cables too.

We get a lot of people coming to ask about car financing for the Odyssey and it’s really no surprise. The car is an all-rounder and scores highly especially if you are looking for a nice family-friendly automobile. Safety and aesthetics work very well in the Odyssey and you can’t ask for a better people mover. And speaking about safety, don’t forget the importance of comprehensive insurance when you buy a car. Contact us for the best car insurance quotes in town today!