When you’re on the look-out for your next ride, you’ll want to look at our car reviews and car financing rates so that you can be prepared for what you’re about to see! Read on and find out more about what we think about the Honda Pilot!

The Car
The Honda Pilot comes across very easily as a souped up family vehicle – you can most definitely see its history as a minivan with its 3 rows and still-boxy shape reminiscent of the Odyssey. The car is front wheel drive with optional upgrade to all-wheel drive which should allow it to tackle more weather and road conditions like in snow, sand and mud and also a fairly decent more amount of power on the road.

The Pilot comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission with the 9-speed transmissions available with the higher tier trims (Touring and Elite). The Pilot hasn’t received a ratingon the ANCAP yet but as expected due to the target market its is aimed at, it comes with the latest collision-avoidance tech – adaptive cruise control, lane-departure, blind-spot and forward-collision warning system, standard ABS, and lane-keeping assist.

You can also expect a rearview camera, push-button start, a highly adjustable steering column, and a stereo with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The Touring will add remote starting, automatic folding second-row seats, 3-zone automatic climate control, ambient lighting, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, plenty of USB connectivity, navigation, and entertainment. And why not go all the way with the Elite tier with all-wheel drive, temperature controllable seats, and a no-holds-barred Honda Sensing package.

The Drive
Obviously you’ll want to test drive the higher trim levels just to try out the 9-speed transmissions and the all-wheel drive, but in general, the Pilot gives you a pretty smooth drive since there is slightly more power and a lower mass in comparison to some of the other big Hondas. In particular when there is more weight and evenly distributed through the 7 seats of the car, the ride quality improves. We’d recommend just switching off your adaptive cruise control too if you really want to get the best driving experience here.

Steering is quite light but it is electronically assisted; there can be a fair bit of understeer and you’ll find yourself reaching wheel lock a lot faster than you expect to get the required turning radius you want. You’ll definitely feel the size of the car and it’ll definitely remind you that you’re driving a family car. Although marketed as an almost-SUV which gives it decent performance around bends, we doubt that most of the drivers looking at the Pilot will really open the car up, especially with a group of kids strapped into their seats at the back.

The Interior
For families that need the space, you’ll definitely find it in the Pilot, albeit at a loss of style and luxury. The back row seats are also easily moved around for quick loading of the kids into the back for parents on the go. It’s very padded in here and almost everything is automated – so that means lots of buttons in front and even at the back for seat controls.
There are lots of cubbies and reversible cargo lids in the boot to keep in messy items. With a total of over 2,300L of space behind the front seats, you can pretty much configure the back to fit in whatever you need to transport aside from the little people who are your kids.

The Honda Pilot seems like an interesting runner in the SUV-station wagon segment and could be just what the bigger families are looking for. We’d suggest looking at the higher tiers for a more driver-friendly option if you’re keen on bringing this model home. You can also check with us at the Smarter Finance Company for car financing rates and really peg this down as an option for you and your family!

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