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The Car
The Honda Ridgeline has been around since 2005 and it looks like a strange hybrid of the Pilot and a standard pickup truck the way that its body has been shaped. The latest iteration offers a 2-wheel drive version which we wouldn’t really take a second look at unless you’re interested in the slightly lower price and fuel economy. The 4-wheel drive is still available in all trim levels and comes standard in the Black Edition and RTL-E.

The base RT trim gives you a rearview camera, keyless ignition, adjustable steering column, and a seven-speaker stereo with Bluetooth, auxiliary device, and USB connectivity. Adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning, ABS, lane-departure warning and assist, and blind-spot monitors are all available and standard in the 2 top tier trims. In addition you’ll also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, although we’ll wish you luck trying to get things organized on your touchscreen when you first get into it.

The Drive
The Ridgeline comes with only a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission as an option. You have to really push the car sometimes to really get it to move sometimes but it does have a bit of a take-off at the start which is good enough for getting you into the fast lane when on the highway.

We found that handling the Ridgeline was a pleasure though, the ride was comfortable with the suspension well configured for what any truck might be able to handle. Over bumps in the road and other inconsistencies, the truck handles things well and you’ll be pleased to note that wheel control is excellent. Together with the lack of internal vibrations, you can really feel stability and solid ride quality when you’re driving in the Ridgeline.

The Interior
The Ridgeline gives you a lot of space and comfort both in front and behind. The back seats can flip up to provide you with a bit storage space up to 83L and it’ll be nicely hidden underneath your passengers to boot (geddit, boot?). There’s also plenty of storage within the cabin to fit almost a lot of things, although you will have to maneuver things a bit to squeeze them through the doorways.

You’ll need a bit of help loading the back tray though as it’s a lot higher than most. The tailgate does open up like a door so that you can access the trunk beneath the truck bed. There is a 200L well at the top of the bed for things that need to stay dry while you’re moving around. The 2 top tier trims for the Ridgeline also come with actuators that can turn your cargo bed into a large speaker and with the AC outlet in the sidewall, you’ll might even be able to use your Ridgeline to power some entertainment if you’re heading out camping.

From the Honda family, the Ridgeline presents a lot of plus points in terms of comfort and the drive and even in terms of fuel economy and space capacity. It satisfied most requirements in an all-rounded way. If you’re looking for something more in terms of pull or style then you might have to look elsewhere, otherwise nothing is stopping you from reading up on the car financing figures for the Ridgeline and driving this baby home!