The Car
Mitsubishi-MirageThe Mitsubishi Mirage is a cute little 5 door hatch that entered the micro class for cars in Australia quite a while ago. These days, there is a 4 door sedan option, and 3 trim levels – the ES, Sport and LS. It comes with automatic continuously variable transmission as standard, but trust us, at the value and price that you’re paying for the car, go for the LS which will upgrade you with 15-inch alloy wheels, foglights, cruise control, climate control, two extra speakers and a greater number of options for trim.

All the Mirage models come with power steering, airconditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and power windows and mirrors. Potential car buyers planning for a family will also be glad to hear that the Mirage comes stamped with 5 stars from ANCAP thanks to its 6 airbags and suite of electronic safety aid systems.

The Drive
The Mirage is a pretty small car, and right off the bat we expected it to be a bit unstable in terms of steering. We weren’t disappointed, it got thrown around a fair bit when travelling at speed and its skinny tires and 890 kg does nothing to help, but you’ll be surprised that it handles curves quite well and it has enough thrust to move off quickly when you’re travelling around town.

The CVT is a bit slow to react and sometimes the car struggles to maintain its throttle when you come off the accelerator. The suspension leaves a bit to be desired since it doesn’t let the car pass over any bumps unfazed. There is also a bit of noise that you’ll hear in the cabin when you’re cruising along too, but don’t worry, those bumps will take your mind off it.

The Interior
Again, we have to stress that the Micro range of cars is not something too fantastic – it’s meant to target new drivers and people on a budget who just need a vehicle to get around, and truth be told, you can see it in the interior of the Mirage too. The plastics and lack of trim are testament to all of that. But people who will buy into this segment of the car market, really won’t be too bothered in the lack of luxury.

The car is still decently comfortable and there is sufficient head and legroom – your schoolmates and friends won’t complain too badly when you offer to give them a ride. You’ll also get 235 litres of boot space which can be expanded when the 60:40 fold seats are put down which is pretty generous in our opinion.

For the price that you’re paying, the Mitsubishi Mirage does its job. It’s efficient enough and performs decently as long as you don’t set your expectations too high. Suspension and stability might give you a fairly bumpy right though you’ll get enough power to do what you need to do around town. So if you’re looking for a first car that’ll help you get around, why not get in contact with us? Let us help compare your car finance options and help you get on the road that much quicker!