Mitsubishi-OutlanderThe Car
The Mitsubishi Outlander is a mid-size SUV with a very recent facelift – a new nose and apparently over 100 new or changed parts, Mitsubishi promises us a new drive and a more snazzy look. We have to say that the new 18-inch wheels, LED daytime running lamps and rear combination lamps and foglights are a nice touch and it does what it needs to as a dependable, basic level SUV.

There are also changes to the body of the Outlander while tweaks to the electric-assist steering, the strut front and multi-link rear suspension have also been enhanced for a better ride and handling.

The basic Outlander trim is pretty well stocked with Bluetooth, single-zone climate-control, cruise control and reach and rake adjustable steering. The LS adds privacy glass and door mirror indicators, the XLS includes digital audio, electric folding, heated mirrors and an electro-chromatic rear view mirror and the Exceed has gloss black trim and LED headlights as new features. The Outlander also get 5 stars on the ANCAP safety rating scale due to its seven airbags, reversing camera and sensors.

The Drive
Unfortunately we didn’t find the Outlander very fun as an SUV. It’s a perfectly fine vehicle, just a bit blah in comparison to others on the market. You sit high in the driver’s seat but the 4 wheel drive and light steering makes it seem like the driver is very uninvolved in the driving altogether and the body lean when you take corners adds to that feeling much like you were sitting in a train car rolling along tracks. The engine is quiet and smooth though if you discount the lower revs. Both diesel and petrol versions give you quiet hums.

If you’re intending to take your Outlander off-roading, the 4WD will come in handy. The ground clearance and locking centre differential will help you out if you ever find yourself off the beaten trail. At the same time, the new suspension and tyres will help you take any inconsistencies in the road quite well; your passengers won’t have much to complain about bumpy roads.

The Interior
The interior doesn’t look like it has changed very much. The dashboard and the plastic still look and feel a little bit sub-par but they are hardy and probably would be able to take a beating. You won’t get much in terms of design in the cabin, but function wise, you’ll find that the Outlader is quite practical.

Seats are cushy and high and there are only a few blind spots around the rear pillars. There is a reversing camera to help with parking and the driver can adjust his seat and wheel in enough ways to get comfortable. Passengers in the middle have a fair amount of space too, but the 3rd row may be a bit too squishy except for kids.

There are lots of interior storage options like door bins and cup holders and a big glovebox up front. The Outlander also gives you 591 litres of boot space that expands up to 1,022 litres if you fold the last row down. It might be a bit difficult to load up into the boot because of the funny shape, but moving up a trim level will get you a powered tailgate.

With the amount of space and impressive fuel economy, the Outlander is pretty decent for a growing family as long as you’re not too worried about the design and look of the car. Other than that, you’ll probably get a good value for your money! Check out just how much the Outlander will set you back when you inquire about car financing figures with The Smarter Finance Company today!