The Car

nissan-jukeThe Nissan Juke is a crowd favourite and it has been for the last few years given its funky and youthful character as a compact SUV; the car looks very good with high wheel arches and a tapered body giving it an aerodynamic edge. The rear door handles are very smartly camouflaged in black, the same colour as the window trim, to enhance the impression of a sleek and smooth sports vehicle.

It comes with a 1.6-liter turbo, front-wheel drive engine, with an option for an upgrade to all-wheel drive. At the same time, you get a big time upgrade with technology in the latest Juke model with the new intermediate lock of the CVVT system and a fitted low-pressure EGR system, a variable pressure oil pump and better injector performance to really give you a bit more punch when you’re ready to roll out.

The Drive
The Juke offers you lots of drive options with its integration control or I-CON system and you can get normal, sport and eco drive modes that will match your throttle, steering and transmission for you. You’ll get a pretty excellent acceleration with the CVVT in front and you can go 0 to 100 in 6.9 second.

That said, the Juke is actually pretty light when it comes to steering and you’ll be able to control all that power pretty well with your speed-sensitive electric power steering for accuracy. And that’s not all. The Juke maintains a surprising agility due to the small wheelbase and rear-axle vectoring which helps the vehicle to maintain control and reduce body rolling when it’s cornering and taking the tight turns. That being said, the front end still lacks a bit of grip when you’re at higher speeds so you’ll be happy to know that the brakes are also clean and modulated and not too firm either.

Overall, we’ve found that the ride is comfortable enough save for the bigger potholes which the suspension struggles to iron out and a bit of noise and feedback from the reverberations of the aftershock of hitting one.

The Interior
The most exciting thing about the Juke’s interior is that there is so much character stemming from the colours that have spilled in. There are nice highlights of colour, especially the main centre console, that match the outside colour you’ve chosen. It’s sad that you can tell the material quality is not of premium quality since the plastic feels thin and the panels on the doors sound a bit hollow. The Juke makes up with equipment though and even the basic model comes with air=conditioning and electric windows all around.

The backseat is a bit tight for your passengers due to the tapering back and we wouldn’t recommend tall people trying to get in unless you’re sitting in front where there’s plenty of room. You’d probably be better off using the rear seats folded to give you a bit more cargo space. At 354 litres of boot capacity for the front wheel drive models and 251 litres for all-wheel drive models, you’ll definitely need the extra space if you want to do some heavy lifting!

The Juke is a quirky car and that will make you feel youthful to drive it given its ability to provide agility and control along with power. But you’ll want to think twice if you’re going to carry more than a friend with you on your drive, or any other bulky items for that matter. That said, why not find out how much this car will cost you when you explore the best car finance rates with us.

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