Nissan-NavaraThe Car
The Nissan Navara got an upgrade this year and the biggest changes include the newly installed multi-link, coil-sprung rear suspension which aims to give the car a big more of a car-like comfort when you’re driving along coupled with its original truck-build stability. The Navara already offers an impressive economy and hardworking towing and hauling capability as well as a pretty nice outside package that you’re bound to enjoy as much as the power under the hood. With a good ground clearance and an option for 4WD, you can even bring this pick-up off road without too much trouble.

The Navara comes with 2-door single-cab or 4-door double cab options and 4 trim levels. The Visia and Tekna are strictly Double Cab models, the Acenta is available in both and the highest trim Outlaw V6 is also strictly a Double Cab model.

The Navara gets a fair amount of standard kit – alloy wheels, air-conditioning, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity and electric front and rear windows. It also ranks with 5 stars on the ANCAP safety rating with dual airbags in the front, at the sides, at the curtains and with the driver knee airbag too. Also included standard are Electronic brake distribution (EBD), electronic stability control (ESC) and emergency brake assist (EBA) systems.

The Drive
Like all other “mixed” trucks, while you are able to get a decent amount of quiet and comfort from the Navara, at the heart is a commercial vehicle through and through. That said, it does NOT drive like an SUV, it is designed to carry and haul weight and the suspension is designed for that purpose – it bumps around when there’s nothing in the back and is more settled when there is some weight in the load bed. Unfortunately that leads to a fair bit of noise when you’re on the move in addition to engine noise too.

The steering on the Navara is light and you need to be quite aggressive with your turning to get responses for direction change – all the better for off-road handling. You will get a bit of fun out of its sequential turbocharging arrangement though the throttle is a little sticky which again, is good for the working vehicle on low speed or manoeuvring.

The Interior
You’ll be surprised that the cabin space on the Navara is pretty decent. It’s functional and has a fair amount of storage cubbies. It looks pretty decent inside too in terms of the materials used. The leather seats include a heating function which is really quite a luxury in a workhouse pickup like the Navara. Vision is good all around too except for the edge of the tailgate in the rear.

Headroom up front is a bit compromised by the sunroof but the second row has a decent enough amount of space. The air-con vents at the back is a real plus point but the lack of Isofix child anchorpoints and adjustable head rests mark it down a notch.

You’ll be able to get plenty of things loaded into the back of your pick up, but due to the height of the car, you’ll need a bit of muscle to get it all in there. You’re also going to be subject to the weather unless you pick out a tonneau cover or hardtop from the options list. While you’re at it, get a load liner too so that you can protect your paintwork at the back as well.

The Navara is a pretty decent pickup if you need a vehicle that pairs work and family together well. The drive is a little compromised when you’re fully loaded up and it may feel a bit claustrophobic with the sunroof built in but with its pretty looks, there’s not much else to complain about. We recommend that you take it for a test drive and find out the best finance deals with us while you decide!