The Car
porsche-911We all know the implications on car manufacturers in this day and age and getting closer to meeting fuel usage and emissions standards is becoming more and more a priority when there are upgrade and new models introduced on the market. And that means smaller engines and turbocharger technology, as present in the newest Porsche 911 series. And if you were to be a stickler for fuel consumption, then you’re going to be so impressed by the efficiency of this Porsche.

But despite having “down”-sized to a 3.0 litre engine, the car is still powerful and you’ll feel the throttle and wind in your hair when you take you bring the new flat-six out for a ride.

In addition, you’ll get a bit of a tweak to its look too, with changes to the front and new tail lights and an air vent grille at the back. You’ll also have the new fourth-generation PCM4 infotainment system which is essentially a 7.0-inch colour and touch-screen display which shows your reversing camera, satnav, real-time traffic updates, phone and Bluetooth connectivity, and a whole much of media compatibility features including the Apple CarPlay interface.

The Drive
Porsche has a beautiful track record of being able to craft the finest driving experiences in their vehicles and the 911 is not an exception. Before we wax lyrical about everything, we’ll warn you that you’ll fall in love with the car when you drive it like we have – its steering is perfectly weighted, at any speed, bumps are taken in its stride like a graceful ballerina takes their leaps and even on corners, at speed, your 911 is going to impress. And when you realise how your Porsche takes corners at speed, you’re going to go hunting for every turn you can get your hands on on the open road. Within safety limits of course, ahem.

Did we mention you get a magic button that Porshe has labelled a “response” button which gives you 20 seconds of exhilerating boosts while you wait for your twin turbos to bring you up to speed? Porsche has really figured out how to make your drive in the 911 nothing short but heavenly. Our only gripe – the tyres at 20 inches rack up quite a fair bit of noise in the cabin. However, you’re going to be having too much fun to really notice it.

The Interior
The 911 is impeccably furnished to be luxurious and comfortable while offering the driver function and style. Material quality and engineering is evident and the seats are supportive, even when you’re at speed and though it might seem like you’re seated rather lower, you’ll realist that the interface dials and controls area positioned just right for you to feel comfortable where you are.

Obviously when you pick the 911, you’re not going to be a heavy lifter. But you will be surprised at how spacious it feels when you’re sitting in it with its large windows allowing more light in to the space. In the back, you’ll even get quite a fair bit of space that anyone under 20 will feel comfortable. The 911 has its new engine in the boot, so the luggage space is up in the front at up to 145 litres of space. If you opt for 4-wheel drive, the space shrinks to 125 litres.

What’s not to love about the Porsche 911? Well, it’s pricey, definitely a lot more pricey. But of course, where you put your money, you’ll get quality and an amazing drive and comfort if you can ignore the cabin noise. If you’ve got your heart on this snazzy roadster, why not speak to The Smarter Finance Company to contact our list of car finance companies and get you the very best deal around? Let’s help you crunch figures so that owning one can be a reality!