porsche-cayenneThe Car
The Porsche Cayenne comes with an impressive 3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6 engine, nothing short of what you would expect from a Porsche and to classify this vehicle as a station wagon would be a disservice considering the power and presence it commands. Its recent face lift gives the Cayenne 19 inch wheels and auto dimming interior and side mirrors as well as bi-xenon headlights, tyre pressure monitoring as well as a sleeker body with a new nose in addition to the big grille up front.

But we are a bit concerned that the standard model is very lacking when it comes to installations though. The diesel doesn’t come with autonomous braking or keyless start. Steering is manual too and that’s saying a lot! To get anything more out of the car means expensive upgrades and that’s a big black mark on what would otherwise be an exciting car from Porsche.

The Drive
When it comes to a brand like Porsche, you’re expecting a lot from its heritage in the Cayenne and thanks to the all-wheel drive and suspension, it quite meets its mark. Corners are a little iffy, with the all-wheel drive, you may feel that the rear end flies around a little but the suspension allows you to manage the car well, with an exciting acceleration and a lovely sound while you’re at it.

At the same time, off-road the Cayenne holds up pretty well, so no complaints on its overall performance. You might feel a little bit out of your element in the city though because the size of the vehicle makes tight turns difficult but the Cayenne also offers you 8-speed auto transmission which gives you a lot of control and especially with the sports mode in play too. You can also choose to shift gears manually too which is a nice option for drivers who want to truly manage their drive and fuel consumption.

The Interior
Of course you’ll be getting a top-quality interior with the Cayenne and you’ll get cushy and large seats in the front which are supportive and with plenty of options for adjusting its position to your liking. With door pockets and other cubbies as well as adjustable air-vents as well as plenty of space in the rear for backseat passengers, none of the people on board will have to worry about being banged around or having knees knocking into each other.

That said, the boot is just as spacious, With a 40/20/40 rear folding seat, you can get up to 1780 litres and you can even fit a bicycle in the cabin if you needed to, without too much of a struggle too.

The only gripe that we have with the Cayenne would be the immense number of buttons and controls which we swear are put there just to confuse you. We’re certain they each do something important, but there are way too many for us to figure out or remember what does what.

The Cayenne gives you immense capacity and an exciting drive and nothing less than what you would expect from Porsche with this new sports wagon. But with the badge comes a price tag and it may be a tier above what you would expect to pay for one, especially with the minimal standard equipment kit.

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