Subaru-ForesterThe Car
The Subaru Forester has come through 4 upgrades by now and is still doing relatively well in our market as a family SUV that can truly perform off road as well as while you’re doing your daily school run. With 4 wheel drive and a large capacity, you’ll definitely get utility from this car if you don’t mine a more utilitarian look for a vehicle.

The latest model will give you a nice grille in front as well as a front bumper with a new shape, 18 inch alloy rims and swivelling LED headlights that match the direction you are heading too, and these are flanked daytime running lights. You’ll also get Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist which gives you lane-departure warnings, an automatic tailgate system and Siri compatibility so that you can stay connected on the go.

The car itself performs well, but can be expensive, not only to purchase, but to run as well. The diesel model is the cheapest of the range, but still not as competitive in terms of fuel economy compared to others in the class.

The Drive
With a hulking body, the Forester breezes over any bumps in the road surface. At the same time, travelling at high speed is pretty smooth too since you get a lot of grip from the tyres which are nice and wide. The suspension and steering has also been improved over time – it’s easy to handle the Forester since the vehicle is responsive to your steering instructions and the suspension helps the car feel stable and comfortable even through different environments.

Surprisingly, at a lower speed, you don’t get as much balance from the suspension. But at least there is less feedback in the cabin and the ride isn’t interrupted by too much wind and road noise. Off road, the car is comfortable enough though and the damping and spring settings allow you to get a good amount of comfort through the ups and downs of the terrain.

The Interior
The Forester gives off a very clean and spacious feel inside the cabin because of the large window and the quality of the dials and gauges inside don’t distract you from what you can see around you – the dashboard is bare but tough and you won’t have to get squeamish if it gets knocked about. Again, we find that the interior is a little more rugged, but practical. With a little upgrade, you can get leather upholstery and an 8-way adjustable driver’s seat and reclining rear seats to make that ride a little bit more plush and comfortable.

And in all that practicality, you’ll get an amazing amount of space for both passengers and equipment. All that space isn’t just an illusion and you can get 505 litres of storage in the boot without even talking about folding down the rear seats yet. With the rear seats folded away, you immediately triple your carrying capacity to a staggering 1,592 litres!

The Forester will do exactly what you need it to do as a work vehicle or to carry your family and we’ve found that it’s very practical and extremely utilitarian – it would be perfect in any situation. But it’s not the most economical car considering how stark and bare it is, so think about your carbon footprint and fuel consumption before going ahead with car financing plans for the Forester.